Orthodontist + Invisalign

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Dentist vs Orthodontist for Invisalign?

I bought a "Groupon" for invisalign treatment to save money, but the catch is I have to choose 1 out of 4 providers. I searched the dentists... READ MORE

Canadian Dentist Vs. Orthodontist for Invisalign

Should i go with an orthodontist who has a lot of experience with invisalign or a general dentist who has done only 50 patients? the general dentist... READ MORE

Elite Status Provider Othodontist Vs General Dentist for Invisalign

How much more can an elite status provider charge for Invisalign because they have earned this status? There are two elite providers in downtown... READ MORE

Crooked Teeth - Not the Ortho's Responsibility?

8-month into Invisalign treatment, I realized that the back teeth, impacted, crooked and misaligned, had not been corrected. When asked why it was not... READ MORE

Is my orthodontist ripping me off?

Is my orthodontist ripping me off! First off my two canine teeth grew in moving out but all my other teeth are fine because I privously had braces on... READ MORE

Is a cosmetic dentist more like a dentist or orthodontist?

I knew the difference between an orthodontist and dentist, but now I'm seeing the term cosmetic dentist and I'm confused! Is a cosmetic dentist more... READ MORE

Crooked lateral incisors - braces, invisalign or veneers?

I've had crooked incisors for as long as I can remember but haven't had the money to fix them. I'm 25 and now I do, so I want to look at options.... READ MORE

Can I wear upper Invisalign trays on my own? 18 month plan less 8 hrs wearing per day and no visits to Orthodontist. (photos)

My boss informed me I can't wear the upper invisilgn at work(8hrs) & can't go to the ortho any longer that I received them from because he yelled @me... READ MORE

Is it ok to stop wearing elastics till I see orthodontist?

The office manager on Friday said it was ok to stop wearing the elastics or just wear them at night till I see the doctor on Monday. I am going crazy... READ MORE

Can I ask for a habit breaking appliance from my orthodontist? I have tongue trust problem, mouth breathing.

I am undergoing invisalign full with IPR. I have overbite/openbite and a narrow palate. The dentist said invisalign could help "widen my smile". I... READ MORE

I am not happy with the end result of my Invisalign treatment. Original Ortho tooks months off & have not seen her since!

At the end my right upper incisor is slightly in front of my left one. I voiced my concern to my ortho who was filling in for my original ortho who... READ MORE

Horrible issues after invisalign, can I ask for refund?

I finished all trays but got severe bite problem. None of my upper premolar teeth fit with the lower ones. Orthodontist asked me to pull all the... READ MORE

Orthodontist couldn't fix Crossbite. (photos)

Hello. I had braces for two years and my cross bite wasn't corrected. It has also cause a slight overbite and my chin is tiled which cause facial... READ MORE

Does Invisalign Express work for me? Does Orthodontist's experience with system matter? Inman aligners and Smile Tru? (Photo)

I've had braces 20 years ago & 4 teeth removed. Teeth relapsed. Issues: Overcrowding upper arch 4 front teeth and lower arch canines rotated, premolar... READ MORE

Should I transfer from a dentist to an orthodontist or give up on correcting my teeth? I have my box of all 25 trays (Photo)

I'm 36 and a month into treatment with a dentist. After sharing concerns I was offered a refund (minus lab fee). I now have all 25 trays. Notice the... READ MORE

So I have my Invisalign trays but no orthodontist...

It's a convoluted and long story, so I'll skip everything and get to the point - I have all of my Invisalign trays. I haven't started treatment and... READ MORE

No Elastic Hook? (Photo)

Since tray three I have had elastics. Now on tray 24 the hook for the elastics has disappeared! I only have to wear the elastics at night. Should I go... READ MORE

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