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Invisalign for Open Bite Correction?

Can I use Invisalign to correct my anterior open bite, with an overjet of 7 mm and overbite of 4 mm at the age of 42 years? I used a Hawley appliance... READ MORE

After Developing a Posterior Open Bite from Invisalign Treatment, the Doctor Recommended Doing Crowns, is This Correct?

Invisalign caused me to have a slight posterior open bite on both sides from my bicuspids to my molars. The doctor wants to charge me to do bonding on... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Fix a Misaligned Open-bite?

I've been contemplating getting Invisalign braces; however, I wonder if it will help my malocclusion. I suspect there a several things wrong with... READ MORE

How Effective Will Invisalign Be in Correcting an Anterior Open Bite?

My dentist has given me the option of continuing with rubber bands, or to terminate the treatment now and opt for invisalign (the rubber bands... READ MORE

Could Invisalign Fix my Open Bite From Thumb Sucking? (photo)

I am 17 years old. I am a boy. I sucked my thumb when i was younger until about 10 years old. I dont no if thats what caused it. The open bite started... READ MORE

36 years old with open bite. Would Invisalign fix this, would I need attachments, and how long would it take? (photo)

I am 36 years old and my teeth are quite straight (at least i think so), but i have an open bite The pictures show my bite completely closed. As far... READ MORE

Open Bite from Thumb Sucking and Invisalign? (photo)

My question is, I sucked my thumb from birth until I was 18 (horrible overbite and open bite). I am 46 now and in the past have been told the only... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Fix an Open Bite?

Im 17 year old boy..just turned 17..I have an open bite..thats big enough that you can almost stick a spoon through it..I also tongue thrust to sallow... READ MORE

Would my box elastics for a Posterior Open Bite pull my mandible back? (photos)

I began with a Class I Anterior Open Bite. My back teeth were in perfect alignment as I had braces before, but my front teeth protruded. My front... READ MORE

Posterior Open Bite- Already Began Invisalign Treatment, Should I Be Concerned?

My back teeth on 1 side don't touch. Before starting Inv, my dentist (not ortho) noticed the Clincheck showed an open bite on both sides at the... READ MORE

Is There an Alternative to Correcting an "Open Bite" with Braces? (photo)

I have an "open bite" of my front teeth which causes uncomfortable pressure and strain on my lips. I tried invisalign hoping this would... READ MORE

Posterior Open Bite from Bicuspids to Molars on Both Side Using Invisalign?

I have recently finished 2 refinements with invisalign, and then started feeling intense pain in my upper right jaw. I was diagnosed with TMJ and they... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Close my Open Bite? (photo)

I am 16 and had braces twice. I also had a pallet expander before my first set of braces. I developed an open bite due to thumb sucking and don't want... READ MORE

Invasalign Vs Ceramic Braces After Perio Treatment?

I had perio conditon which has been treated ,is under control now, but I have had bone loss in few areas in the front. But would like to go for... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix my Open Bite and Improve Profile? (photo)

Hi, 36 YO Male considering invisalign. I am happy with the straightness of my teeth but have an open bite, which is caused by forward protruding teeth... READ MORE

I Am Curious to Know if Invisalign Will Work for Cross Bite and Open Bite? (photo)

I have wonky teeth from thumbsucking and was wondering if Invisalign is an option? My teeth and gums are healthy and other than a few fillings have no... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix an Class 3 Open Bite or Reduce It?

Can Invisalign Fix an Class 3 Open Bite or Reduce It? READ MORE

Was Told Openbites are Never Good Invisalign Candidates, Is this Still True?

What are the chances of treating a 2mm openbite with Invisalign? I'm in college and wouldn't want braces until I graduate but that is 3 years... READ MORE

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