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Hello, is It Normal That my Invisalign Top Tray Doesn't Fit on my Front Teeth?

My top tray isn't fitting onto my teeth properly. Only the left side of my top tray fits, but my two front teeth and the right side don't.... READ MORE

Is Filing Between Teeth at the Beginning of Invisalign Treatment Typical Practice?

My 15 year old daughter has just started Invisalign treatment. Is it typical to manually file between certain teeth to make space for movement? Is... READ MORE

Post-Invisalign Gap. Is This Normal Or Should I Seek a Second Opinion?

I have finished my Invisalign treatment and am now wearing retainers. Where my teeth were crowded, gum sections are missing. Now I have small gaps... READ MORE

Movement from Night Wearing of Retainer After Invisalign

I have recently finished my Invisalign and I am at the stage of wearing a retainer only at night. I have noticed a significant amount of movement with... READ MORE

How Many Trays Are in a Set of Invisalign Full? And How Much Does a Full Set Cost on Average??

How Many Trays Are in a Set of Invisalign Full? And How Much Does a Full Set Cost on Average?? READ MORE

Is it normal for some my teeth to not properly fit on the Invisalign tray?

So this is my first tray and it's been 6 days, but I've notices that the top tray for one of my teeth pops out a little, as in it doesn't go on top of... READ MORE

Sensitivity to Cold w/ Invisalign

I am almost done with my treatment. Recently, I started to have a very strong sensitivity to cold on the tooth that needed the most movement. Even the... READ MORE

Black Triangles at Mid-point in the Treatment

I'm half way through the Invisalign treatment - main objective being to narrow the gaps in the upper teeth. Had no issue whatsoever with the lower... READ MORE

Started Retainers Today Which Are Snug, Noticed a Loose Tooth?

I started my Invisalign retainers today and they are quite snug. I don't mind them being tight but I noticed it has caused a loose tooth. I remember... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Not Be Able to Bite Down Completely when Just Starting Invisalign?

I got my invisalign yesterday and I cannot bite down all the way...I don't know if this is normal. Also, on my right bottom side, it is irritating... READ MORE

My Dentist Asked Me to Skip a Tray. is There a Problem?

When the video came back, I saw that the whole treatment will have 17 trays(both upper & lower), my dentist extended it to 26 trays so i won't... READ MORE

Buttons on Invisalign Braces, Do They Come Off?

Just got invisalign braces on..i however am not happy with turnout! I was not told about these "button" that they have put all over my teeth... READ MORE

My Doctor Cut the Back Part of my Invisalign, Is that Normal?

I had invisalign placed today for my second set of trays. At first, the tech and I were having problem putting on the bottom tray. She called the... READ MORE

Bleached my Invisalign tray, took it out 5 hours later and it was stained red permanently. Went to tray 2 after 10 days of use.

They were stained earlier so I bleached them with advice from internet, rinsed and placed back in, took them out 5 hours later with red/orange color.... READ MORE

Normal To Advise Weekly Aligner Changes?

I am on aligner 23 out of 38. My dentist has advised me to switch the aligners every week. This is incredibly painful for me so I do it every 10 days.... READ MORE

Have You Ever Instructed an Invisalign Patient to Eat with Their Trays In?

If you look at my posts I have been concerned about my posterior bite-only 1 side touches. I expressed my concern but was assured there would always... READ MORE

I Don't Know if I Messed Up my Invisalign Treatment?

I live in Idaho & my orthodontist lives in Maine. I switch out my trays every week. When I first got my invisalign I did really well with wearing... READ MORE

My Boyfriend Just Had His Front Tooth Filed to Make Space for Invisalign. He's Really Upset Because the Tooth is Now Noticeable?

He's only 6 weeks into invisalign and I hate to see him so upset. He's really, really upset that so much of his tooth was (from his perspective) filed... READ MORE

Invisalign Bite Ramps. Is This Normal?

I'm on my second set of Invisalign trays and have two virtual bite ramps behind my two front teeth. However, my back teeth can still touch if I move... READ MORE

What Would Be the Length of Treatment for over Crowded Teeth with Invisalign? (photo)

What Would Be the Length of Treatment for over Crowded Teeth with Invisalign? READ MORE

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