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Can Invisalign Fix Narrow Arch?

Can invisalign make the narrow arch wider, so it will be space to pull teeth inside, fix overjet? READ MORE

Will Invisalign fix my anterior crossbite? (Photo)

I'm a 26 year old female with an anterior crossbite that I want to treat. According to my dentist, it stems mostly from the fact that my upper jaw is... READ MORE

If I wear Invisalign wouldn't my palate bone go back to being narrow and Invisalign might not be effective?

I have had my removable expanders for two weeks and and activated them 14 times (3.5mm). My dentist has told me that I will be activating my expanders... READ MORE

Can invisalign extend my teeth more front and widen my jaw? (photo)

I had braces during my preteen years for about 3 years. I am 24 right now and I don't like my smile. I have somewhat of a narrow mouth with average... READ MORE

Curious if Invisalign Would Work for Me? I Have a Severely Narrow Upper Jaw. (photo)

I have always thought about getting braces but I usually have monetary issues and have been nervous about having the metal mouth. I have a severly... READ MORE

Can Invisalign help my 5 year old son who has a extremely narrow pallet?

Speech issues Narrow palate Jaw is pushed back He has extreme speech issues and now his upper teeth are folding onto each other. Had his Tongue... READ MORE

What kind of braces/treatment to fix my teeth and maloclussion? (photos)

My upper jaw is narrow, my premolars are poorly positioned. My bite is also bad, especially on the left side, where you can see that the teeth are... READ MORE

Will IPR make a significant effect in this case ? (photos)

The doctor said that I have to extract four teeth. Since I think that my profile is alright, I guessed that extraction might have a bad effect like a... READ MORE

What can be done to get a perfect smile? (photos)

I'm missing two laterals. So I'm considering getting veneers to fix my teeth gaps and ultimately get the best smile possible. As you can see my smile... READ MORE

Invisalign or Damon clear for narrow arches, 9mm overjet & crooked/crowded teeth? (Photos)

I'm 37 & never had braces before. I have narrow arches, 9mm overjet, crooked front teeth & instanding lower molar. Originally just wanted... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Invisalign if I had braces previously but never finished?

At 13 I had braves and 2 impacted canines however my family collectively lost their jobs so we had to stop going to te orthodontist among other things... READ MORE

My Invisalign was working. But now my teeth are shifting back.

I'm on a tray 21/26. I have a crooked front tooth. My ortho made spaces in my teeth before starting Invisalign, and for the first few months I was... READ MORE

Which orthodontic treatment? Invisalign or Damon clear? (photos)

Hi I've had the 6 month smile fixed braces & im not happy with the result. I don't like how my lateral incisors flare out & are protrusive... READ MORE

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