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Can I Change Dentists While I'm Using Invisalign?

I have 9 U-aligner. I was supposed to have IPR in 4 places as prescribed at Align Technologies. However, my dentist forgot to do it. After wearing my... READ MORE

Invisalign Treament Transfer

I got an invisalign treatmeant in a country where I was staying for a while. But now I am moving to another country because of my job. My treatment is... READ MORE

Invisalign - I have been told I can change my tray every week.

So I am on Invisalign, and I just started my 6th Tray out of 26. I have been on a 2 week system, as normal. My orthodontist said my teeth are moving... READ MORE

After using 12 trays of invisalign out of my 23 liners, my teeth are moving but they now look worse than before. Why? (Photo)

I am 27 years old and I have started an invisalign treatment because I always felt that my midline was not straight and my left side teeth are lower... READ MORE

Can I Change Invisalign Mid-treatment?

Hi. In a few months I'll be moving permanently in the US (I'm from France), but I already started my Invisalign treatment. I know I can change doctor,... READ MORE

What Should I Really Pay for my Invisalign?

I've had Invisaligns for 9 months and I've 9 months to go. I'm moving to another country. The cost was 6,000, paid as a down payment followed by... READ MORE

Very sharp shooting pain since I got my second tray. What should I do?

I have very sharp shooting pain in one tooth! I put my second trays on last night when i had to change them! And it wasnt like this with my first set!... READ MORE

What do you do if one tooth is not moving properly? (photos)

I am on aligner 16 of 26 and l have noticed in the past few trays on a space on the bottom of my top aligner that one of my teeth is supposed to move... READ MORE

How long until your teeth start moving after not using your retainers?

I lost my retainers a few days ago and i got my braces off a few months ago (3-4 months ago) and my parents do not want to buy me another one for... READ MORE

I want a tooth to move back to its original place because of discontinuing

I have worn 3 sets aligners (tray #1, tray #2 and tray #3) for 3.5 weeks for invisalign treatment, because my health issue, I had to stop and will not... READ MORE

Invisalign While Living in Two Different Countries Possible?

I'm interested in Invisalign, but I spend half of the year in the U.S. and the rest in Asia. How difficult would it be to get the Invisalign in the U... READ MORE

Week 11 out of 22, now on my packages they say Passive.

  Question: Now on my packages they say Passive. That word confuses me since I'm only halfway through and still much more movement is needed.  READ MORE

Can upper teeth be moved vertically (down) with Invisalign? Where does the extra space come from to straighten crowded teeth?

Seems you'd need something to pull them down, like the old rubber band system. Also, where does all the space come from when previously over-crowded... READ MORE

Can my Invisalign treatment go faster as time goes on?

I've seen ladies online with teeth worse than mine and their treatment was a few months less then mine... As months go on an I able to wear the trays... READ MORE

Does the age of the patient impact the number of trays and speed of moving teeth?

I am wondering just out of curiosity, if you had a 20 year old patient and a 50 year old patient with the exact same issues, would you as the... READ MORE

How can my dentist effectively move my left canine tooth down? (Photo)

I have been using Invisalign for the past 2 years and the most problematic issue has been moving my left canine tooth down. I have had about 4... READ MORE

Can I qualify for Invisalign ? I had braces for 3 years but I didn't wear my retainers properly and my teeth moved (Photo)

I am embarrassed with my smile and the way my teeth look when I talk , I want to fix this as soon as possible READ MORE

How likely I'm going to loose tooth nr 31? (photos)

I am wearing Invisalign Lite which involves some attachments, IPR and extruding my lower teeth, too. Tooth 31's neck was already slightly out of the... READ MORE

What happens if i don't wear my Invisalign trace at all for a week ?

My traces thrown in trash . I don't have previous ones. Its been 3 days and yesterday to the dentist , i told about the problem on the phone , she... READ MORE

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