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Invisalign - Spaces Between Bottom of Aligner and Teeth That Aren't Closing? (photo)

I am on Tray 14 of my invisalign treatment. My teeth movement has been great so far, but now I have noticed that my right canine and both lateral... READ MORE

Movement from Night Wearing of Retainer After Invisalign

I have recently finished my Invisalign and I am at the stage of wearing a retainer only at night. I have noticed a significant amount of movement with... READ MORE

Should I Chomp Down with Invisalign?

I just got my 2nd tray set. These are significantly tighter than my first set and have begun to alter my bite. I am having difficulty chewing food, as... READ MORE

Would changing Invisalign weekly effect the overall goal?

My orthodontist, who I have already scheduled my Invisalign with, said that he did things a little differently than others in that he does smaller... READ MORE

My doctor told me to change my aligners every 7 days. Isn't this too fast?

I started my Invisalign treatment yesterday. I have 38 trays to complete. The orthodontist group I see is a Top 1% provider. They recommend their... READ MORE

Concerned About Tooth Loss from Moving Them Around

I am 63 years old. Healing is an issue for a 60 year old. I need one front tooth extracted to make room for the tooth movement...should I be... READ MORE

I didn't wear my invisalign tray for 20 hours. Will my teeth start to move?

Hey! I didnt wear my invisalign tray for 20 hours because of a stomach virus. I am waiting for new trays, had new impressions taken few weeks ago.... READ MORE

Will Laterals Extruded with Invisalign Intrude at End of Treatment?

Finished my inisalign treatment that involved slight extrusion of my upper lateral incisors. My question is if there is a chance or likelihood of my... READ MORE

Tray 1 Day 4. Is it possible that my teeth have already moved to where they need to be with these aligners?

Today is my 4th day with my invisalign, I had experienced quite a bit of pressure and sensitivity on day 2, and not so much today. Is it possible that... READ MORE

Am I Am Candidate for Invisalign Express? (photo)

I have had braces but it was over 20 years ago. My teeth are moving and I am noticing it in pictures and don't like it. I have heard about Invisalign... READ MORE

Invisalign Treatment Nearly over but Not the Results I Wanted - What Can I Do?

I originally had 16 aligners for the top and 15 for the bottom teeth. Then I had more impressions taken for my top teeth and got 9 more aligners. My... READ MORE

Invisalign Clincheck Video: Can Canines be Better Placed?

I put my clincheck video on youtube to see if i can get some advice. As professionals do you think its ok? Should i ask them to do anything or is... READ MORE

How Does Invisalign Prevent Molar from Reshaping Teeth?

How does invisalign prevent a molar from reshaping the teeth structure when the patient already has invisalign? READ MORE

Relapsing Before Getting the Aligners?

I had finished metal braces 6 years back for Class2 malocclusion After that teeth again relapsed slowly Now I ordered Invisalign I took the bite... READ MORE

Can my Retainer Help To Move My Two Stubborn Teeth?

I just completed 10 months of invisalign express. It was supposed to be 5 months but there were 2 stubborn teeth that needed to be moved so I got 10... READ MORE

Does Invisilign after 40 have any risks of loose teeth?

I was almost decided to start invisilign but a doctor friend mentioned that after 40 the bones don't grow as much and it can cause gum remission and... READ MORE

Are teeth movement while in Vivera retainers normal?

I have just started wearing Vivera retainers. The bottom tray does not snap in as easily as the top tray and takes some effort to get it in. There is... READ MORE

I am using the "Propel vPro5" for 10min/day. Is it safe for me to change my Invisalign trays once every 7 days?

I was told that using the vibration system helps with bone remineralization and instead of wearing each tray every two weeks, I can now change them... READ MORE

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