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Is It Normal to Have Some Mouth Sores when You Begin to Use Invisalign?

Are there any over-the-counter medications available to help with this? READ MORE

Is Invisalign toxic?

Ok, so maybe im just panicking but I been wearing the product nearly 1 week now& aside from the sores in my mouth I've developed other side effects. I... READ MORE

Aligner Irritation Inside of Mouth

I started using the aligners 48 hours ago.  The inside of my mouth seems quite irritated, especially the inside of my cheeks.  Will this... READ MORE

My mouth feels like I have burned my tongue, and the inside of both my top and bottom lip. (photos)

I recently got my Invisalign 3 days ago. The first day I received them later that day my mouth was sore. I had cuts on my tongue on the sides and the... READ MORE

Can taking hot showers and getting some hot water in mouth made my Invisalign treatment less effective? Do I restart Invisalign?

I just got done with invisalign treatment and am now on retainers. i was wondering if taking hot showers and getting some hot water in my mouth worn... READ MORE

Can invisalign extend my teeth more front and widen my jaw? (photo)

I had braces during my preteen years for about 3 years. I am 24 right now and I don't like my smile. I have somewhat of a narrow mouth with average... READ MORE

My Invisalign retainers are making my mouth hurt. What can I do?

My Invisalign retainers are approximately 10 years old. I've been wearing them every night all that time. I recently had the flu and couldn't wear... READ MORE

How Can I Avoid Getting a Tear in the Corner of my Mouth from Taking Invisalign Aligners in and Out?

I have a small mouth and am only wearing the aligners at night so that the tear can heal. READ MORE

My face/mouth has changed significantly in the last 10 years (teeth, mostly I believe). Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel like my mouth looks aged. My teeth appear to have moved back for some reason, which has made my smile less attractive and has also changed the... READ MORE

Should I get Invisalign, Veneers, Palate Expansion Surgery or a combination off all/some treatments? (photos)

My mouth is small. Very small! When I was younger my dentist & orthodontist agreed upon pulling my upper canine teeth instead of using an expander to... READ MORE

I have a gap in between my teeth. Which treatment would you recommend; Invisalign or Veneers?

I have a gap between my 2 upper middle teeth-medium size and was wondering if one treatment is better than the other? I also have a keloid on my chest... READ MORE

How can I stop my elastics from cutting into my mouth?

I have Invisalign with a cut out for the top of my ensizer to Same tooth below to accommodate the buttons. The elastic rubs back and forth wearing... READ MORE

After getting Invisalign, the shape of my mouth area really seemed to change. I feel that my face looks very manly now! (Photo)

What do I need to change on my face to look more feminine? I want minimal work done. I'm only 37, don't want to look younger, just prettier. I feel... READ MORE

I'm on Invisalign but my jaw is hurting is this TMJ?

I'm almost done with my Invisalign but have experienced on and off pretty bad headaches. Now this month out of nowhere my left side jaw is hurting and... READ MORE

Is it normal for Invisalign buttons to feel jagged and to really hurt the inside of the mouth? Does it get better?

When I went for my consult, I was shown a model of a mouth with a set of Invisalign trays containing tiny, circular buttons, which I thought were no... READ MORE

What is my condition and what are my options? (photos)

I have a small mouth, and protrusive, uneven teeth. I had braces when I was younger, and quite a few teeth extracted due to overcrowding. They were... READ MORE

Will Invisalign work for me? (photos)

I have severe over crowding, over bite and I believe my upper jaw is also underdeveloped. This is caused from mouth breathing as a child. I'm not sure... READ MORE

Will having only one of two buttons negatively impact the outcome of my Invisalign?

My invisalign mouthpiece came with space for 2 buttons. When fitting and attaching the buttons to my teeth, one of the two buttons was tricky to... READ MORE

Face change during Invisalign treatment. How long will it take for it to go back if I stop now?

Ok so ive been on invisalign treatment for about 5 months now to close the gaps and fix my bite but recently ive noticed that my face shape is... READ MORE

My left jaw is very painful after wearing Invisalign. What could be happening?

I recently started Invisalign and my left-jaw started clicking after I switched to Tray 4. Then 2 days later, my left-side jaw started to hurt very... READ MORE

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