Missing Teeth + Invisalign

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Can I Get Invisalign if I'm Missing Teeth?

I Have Two Missing Teeth at the Back Will It Still Be Possible to Get Invisalign? READ MORE

How Much is an Average Cost for a Single Tooth Denture to Put in my Invisalign Tray?

Also my ortho did not suggest this so I figure she doesn't not order denture teeth. I don't think my family dentist does dentures either. What... READ MORE

How Would Invisalign Work with Missing Teeth?

I’m missing 2 teeth in the front so I have to get implanted teeth. How would Invisalign work to get my teeth ready for the implants? The teeth that I... READ MORE

What Can Be Used to Fill in Missing Teeth in the Invisalign Trays?

My ortho said she filled in a missing tooth for another patient with the 3M stuff (the same stuff that is used to do the buttons/attachments) and she... READ MORE

Am I a Canadate for Invisalign with my Missing Tooth? (photo)

I have a missing tooth but im getting a implant for my top front November 28 . My greatest fear is getting invisalign or braces and having a missing... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate For Invisalign? I Have A Missing Tooth and a Dental Flipper.

I have a dental flipper that I wear due to my canine (eye tooth) not coming down. I had to have both of my (baby)canines removed when I was in High... READ MORE

Can You Get Braces or Invisilign if You Have a Partial Onto for a Overbite or if You Have Dental Implants?

Yes I have been considering get invisiligns or braces for a overbite but I also have 3 missing teeths on top.Can I get this done all at once.Can I get... READ MORE

Will Jaw Surgery Fix my Overbite?

Can some professionals please look at my 3d images i just got back invisalign and tell me if jaw surgery will correct my overbite,or do you think i... READ MORE

Lots of Space in my Mouth from Missing Teeth. Can Invisalign Work for Me?

I had work done a about 10 years ago and 4 premolars were removed as a result. I also had to have my wisdom teeth removed because the wasn't... READ MORE

Can Some Professionals Please Give Me Advice on the Best Way to Close the 2 Gaps You See on my 2 Front Teeth.top and Bottom

The first 2 pics are 3d images of my teeth 40 weeks after invisalign treatment,i havent started treatment yet. READ MORE

Missing Molar and Invisalign

I have one missing first molar on left side and the first molar on right side might need to come out as well. I am getting invisalign to correct my... READ MORE

Invisalign Candidacy- Missing Molars

I have (2) missing molars (top right) located immediately before my wisdom tooth, which has already been extracted. Because of the missing molars,... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for my Crooked Teeth?

I have one crooked tooth on my top jaw that I am very self conscious about.. I also have a missing tooth that has been replaced with a partial denture... READ MORE

I am missing a lateral incisor, therefore my midline is off quite a bit, is it possible to have this corrected? (photo)

I don't know why one of my lateral incisors are missing, I think when I lost my baby tooth, the adult one never came down to replace it? I find over... READ MORE

I Have Six Root Canals. One is on a Front Tooth Which is Fracture. Have Two Missing Teeth is It Safe to Get Invisalign?

Hello, I have to molars that are missing. I would like to get implants for those. In addition, I would like to get veneers in the front teeth but one... READ MORE

Missing Adult Teeth Matters for Invisalign?

I have severe bottom crowding, and an overbite. I have several teeth that are missing, including my eye teeth. Does the missing adult teeth matter for... READ MORE

Invisalign Guidance

IS IT POSSIBLE to do invisalign with a crowned baby tooth and then consider an implant (if the baby tooth falls out) when the invisalign is finished? READ MORE

What happens if a missing attachment has gone unnoticed for 9 months of invisalign treatment? Can refinements be made?

I have been using invisalign since January, just noticed an attachment is missing on one of my lower teeth. Orthodontist hasn't mentioned it or even... READ MORE

I'm Really Wanting/needing my Teeth Fixing, They Make Me Incredibly Self-conscious? (photo)

Are my teeth too messed up! My dentist took one out from the front also, so there's also one missing ! Could I be a suitable candidate? READ MORE

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