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Does Invisalign Work on Misaligned Teeth?

I am a 51 year female. I've been wearing a retainer at night from the orthodontist for the past 5 years. My top front teeth are shifted over I was... READ MORE

Misalgined Bite with Invisalign?

I received my first set of aligners for Invisalign Express 5 a week ago. I had terrible discomfort for a few days and by the time the pain finally... READ MORE

Can you fix a minor misalignment of the front teeth without braces?

When we went to the dentist she said that it i dont need braces if im fine with a minor misalignment. One of my front teeth is slightly overlapping... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix or at Least Improve my Open Bite and Misaligned Teeth? (photo)

I am 40 years old and I have a misaligned jaw and teeth and an assymmetrical open bite (from thumbsucking into my teens). I wonder whether invasalign... READ MORE

Invisalign causing jaw misalignment. Will this be fixed when the tooth jump and will the tooth jump at this point? (photo)

I had an underbite with my left canine. Invisalign came back with 10 bottom trays and 16 tops, I am at the 11 tray and my whole mouth looks crooked. I... READ MORE

Off center teeth causing uneven bite - how do I correct this? (photos)

My front teeth do not line up with the midline. The aesthetics does not bother me much but I have a bit of an overbite because of the misalignment,... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Maxilla Protusion?

Whether this protusion be due to jaw/ facial trauma or misaligned jaw/teeth due to a off bite. READ MORE

I want to correct the overcrowding of my lower teeth and minor misalignment in the upper jaw. (Photo)

What is the best and fastest way to do this in my situation: invisalign/ traditional fixed braces/6 month smile/other options? How long should each... READ MORE

Would Invisalign work for me, or do I need traditional braces? (photos)

The cost of braces was a deterrent for my family when I was a child. I'm almost 45 now, and regret spending so many years feeling self-conscious about... READ MORE

Will Invisalign work on misalignment? (Photo)

My upper teeth and lower teeth are not aligned in the center. Will Invisalign be able to correct this? If so, how long would i have to wear it? Many... READ MORE

Do I have a overbite or crossbite? (photos)

My jaw locks a lot and my back teeth are cracking due to misalignment of upper and lower teeth while eating. I want to straighten my teeth out as well... READ MORE

Misaligned and leaned front teeth after Invisalign treatment. What to do? (Photo)

I was wearing invisaligns for one year and the half, to correct the front gap and the cross bite on the left side(14+14 trays). Cross bite was not... READ MORE

Midline misalignment!!!!!!! Can my situation be corrected by Invisalign? (photo)

My Upper midline is shifted to the right and does not align with my lower midline and the centre of my face. What can i do? Can invisalign help my... READ MORE

Will invisalign correct my misaligned protruding teeth? (Photo)

I am unhappy about how my upper and lower front teeth protrude out (overjet?) and that my bite is misaligned. I would like to have better alignment of... READ MORE

Can teeth be pulled back and how? Invisalign?

I had braces as a teen and my doctor had little experience. He misaligned my teeth, pulled out a bicuspid, pusheda canine front and shifted my feet... READ MORE

I'm 25. I want to extract baby canine as well as impacted tooth and reshape 1st bicuspid to become canine tooth. Any thoughts?

I have mild crowding and misalignment on top teeth and mild-severe crowding on the bottom. The orthodontist I consulted with said that I can extract... READ MORE

Continuous throbbing pain approaching end of Invisalign? Regular dentist confirms not decay, but orthodontic/misalignment.

Prescribed 19 trays. Beginning with tray 12, awakening throbbing pain and sensitivity worsened. I left each tray in ~3 weeks instead of 2. I visited... READ MORE

How long (hard to tell by picture, I know) would you estimate the treatment of my case? (photos)

After getting braces removed three years ago, I have long since stopped wearing my retainer. As a result, my anterior teeth on both top and bottom... READ MORE

Jaw misalignment after wearing Invisalign for 2 years. Can a crooked jaw & face be corrected?

I am 35 yr old Initial treatment was 23 upper & bottom aligners. I was not satisfied with result. I was then started on a refinement upper & lower... READ MORE

Invisalign or not?

I'm 55, my medication has misaligned my straight teeth. I don't like it, they look weird, as time goes by they seem to get worse. I want to know if... READ MORE

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