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Can I Use Invisalign Retainer After Metal Braces?

I am almost finished wearing my metal braces, and I am interested in using an invisalign retainer, since I am allergic to the metal in braces. Is this... READ MORE

What Are Ortho Wire's Made Of? Tried One on Top and Got Galvanic Shock, Alergic to Nickel

3 year post invisalign patient, need 2 new crowns, so will have to get new invisalign trays. After treatment tried a gold wire for top could not use... READ MORE

I am 16 going on 17 very soon. I really do not want metal braces. Is Invisalign Right for Me? (photo)

I am 16 going on 17 very soon. I really, really do not want metal braces. My teeth are not that bad, however I've become really self-conscious over... READ MORE

With Invisalign, Will Two #4 Rubber Bands Apply a Lot of Pressure to my Jaw?

I have had my jaw joints replaced with metal and have little to no movement of my jaw. I am in the process of getting Invisalign and was told I would... READ MORE

Would Invisalign or Metal Braces Work Better For Me? (photos)

When I was 15, my dentist said I would be a good candidate for Invisalign and I could talk to an orthodontist about it if I wanted, but I didn't need... READ MORE

Is metal wire retainer required after Invisalign treatment?

I just finished my Invisalign treatment, now my doctor recommended me to get retainers and showed my metal wiring that will be fixed to the back of... READ MORE

Dental Tourism! I want Invisalign, Lumineers or Braces at a low cost. I'm willing to travel as long as I get quality work!

I would like to close my gaps with Lumineers, braces or Invisalign (which ever is the best fit). 1.) My main concern is if I get metal or clear braces... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Invisalign? (Photo)

I am 40 years old and do not think I can tolerate the discomfort with metal brace. I am open to getting implants for the space from past tooth... READ MORE

Invisalign or metal braces? 16 years old

Im 16 years old and I have a slight underbite and my teeth are really spaced out. Im getting braces really soon but im not sure if I should go with... READ MORE

Can Invisalign cause rotted teeth due to no saliva for 3+ yrs, heavy teeth shaving and metal bar left behind closed gap? (Photo)

I had Invisalign for 3 years to close a gap btw my 2 front the teeth. they filed my teeth to fit the trays and filed off quite a bit. I think it's the... READ MORE

Can I get Invisalign to open extraction spaces?

My teeth were retracted too much with metal braces, now I would like them re opened. My face is sunken in and my jaw bones are no longer as strong, my... READ MORE

Will Invisalign work for me? (Photos)

I dont want to wear metal braces! Will invisalign work for me though? Also if you dont think invisalign is a good choice, what other choices do i have... READ MORE

Can I Get Invisalign if I Have a Crown That Has a Metal Screw in my Jawbone?

I have straight teeth just a small gap between my front two that I want to close. I previously had braces as a teenager (10+ years ago) READ MORE

Is Invisalign billed to insurance the same way metal braces are?

I have coverage through my health insurance to get orthodontia for TMJ. I do have diagnosed TMJ, and the orthodontist stated that invisalign would... READ MORE

I want a invisible teeth aligning treatment. Is this possible? (photo)

Dear doctor, I want my teeth to get aligned Is there any way they get aligned and I do not have to wear those highlighting metallic braces rather some... READ MORE

Metal braces or Invisalign & how long will she need them for? (photos)

My sister has almost perfectly straight teeth, she just has two snagle teeth on the top. My question is, do you recommend Invisalign or metal braces &... READ MORE

I'm feeling pain on my left jaw. What is the difference between Invisalign and Metal Braces?

I have had pain in my jaw (left side) and I felt it had to be TMJ. So I went to my dentist.I clench my teeth and the result after having an xray is a... READ MORE

Will Invisalign correct "leaning" teeth? (Photo)

Have gaps from missing teeth,remaining teeth are leaning quite badly...having two teeth and a supernumerary tooth removed in few weeks... Is... READ MORE

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