Malocclusion + Invisalign

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Can Invisalign Correct an Overbite of 2 Front Teeth?

I also have some minor crowding of the bottom 4 and one rotated bottom incisor. I had metal Braces at age 14 after a short time with a palate expander... READ MORE

Would You Say Invisalign Can Solve my Class II Div. 2 Malocclusion? (photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old and never got any orthodontic treatment. I have a dental class II div. 2 malocclusion. I visited 3 invisalign practitioners... READ MORE

Will invisalign or conventional braces make my overjet worse?

I have a 6 mm overjet 50% overbite and crowding. Class 2 maloclussion. I do not want extractions or surgery-this brings limitations to correcting... READ MORE

I Have a Malocclusion & Moderate to Severe Crowding- Can I Do Invisalign Without Jaw Surgery ?

I have been told I have a malocclusion/moderate to severe crowding and treatment would require braces, jaw surgery, and braces again. I do have a... READ MORE

My Ortho Said I Wouldn't Need Invisalign Attachments. I Have Them on All of my Front Teeth and Hate Them. What Now? (photo)

I am supposed to get surgery for my Malocclusion (Class III underbite) and I have Invisalign. My ortho said I wouldn't need attachments, but now he... READ MORE

Is my Orthodontist Right in Doing This?

So I started my invislign treatment on august 20th of this year. (1 1/2 year treatment) The reason for my inviting was to treat a slight malocclusion... READ MORE

Can Orthodontics, specifically Invisalign fix my edge to edge Class III malocclusion?

I have an edge to edge occlusion with a posterior cross bite. Recently my lower anterior teeth started getting crowded and chipping away more. I'm 25... READ MORE

I Have a Severe Overbite (Malocclusion) As a Result of Jawbone Growth. Would Invisalign Remedy This?

I am a college sophomore and do not want traditional braces (already had them for four years). As a result of my malocclusion, only the two back teeth... READ MORE

What should I do after Invisalign treatment left me with malocclusion?

During and after my Invisalign treatment my cusps began to not fit into the fossae of my teeth.  My top and bottom arches no longer meet properly... READ MORE

Can Invislign Have Tmj Treatment Also?

So my orthdontist told me that my invislign (1.5 year treatment ) has tmj treatment built in it as well. When i asked when i will start my tmj... READ MORE

Will Invisalign correct a 3 class maloclussion underbite so I won't have to get surgery?

Can I at least get it reduced with Invisalign. I just don't like how big it makes my bottom lip and lower jaw protrude. I really don't want surgery... READ MORE

Invisalign - necessary to correct malocclusion or not? (Photo)

I'm getting Invisalign to correct an edge to edge bite, causing wearing on my lower front two teeth. I've narrowed to two orthodontists. The more... READ MORE

I have generalized diastemas on my maxillary arch. Will Invisalign work to close these gaps? (Photo)

When I was a kid the dentist chose to pull my first molars on each side of my top teeth because he was scared that I would not have room for my wisdom... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a malocclusion during invisalign?

I started invisalign about a month ago. I had no bite problems before starting. At first the attachments prevented me from fully closing my bite. Now,... READ MORE

Treatment of class II malocclusion and cost?

A week ago I asked about my bite on Realself and most of the doctors said I have a tendency of class II malocclusion. I've finished all my Invisalign... READ MORE

Skeletal Class II division 1 malocclusion, retrusive mandible, excessive overjet, deep overbite. Invisalign? (Photo)

I was diagnosed with a skeletal Class II division 1 malocussion which is characterised by an retrusive mandible, excessive overjet (I think he said... READ MORE

Will elastic bands move the upper or the lower jaw?

Hello, I have a class II malocclusion (over jet) and I am currently wearing invisalign braces + elastic bands. My question is, will the elastic bands... READ MORE

What is best surgery or Invisalign?

I have class 2 div 1 malocclusion sagital overbite 9mm,,I have seen a orthodontist and suggests a Essex appliance with elasticity for a a duration of... READ MORE

Invisalign midline correction?

Hi All, I started Invisalign to correct some crowding (top and bottom), a mild class 2 malocclusion on one side and a midline where the top and bottom... READ MORE

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