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Will I Have To Wear The Invisalign Retainer During the Day Forever?

After going through braces, my first retainer was an Invisalign that I wore during the night. I chewed through it due to my teeth grinding problem.... READ MORE

What Do You Think is the Longest Length of Time You Should Wear Invisalign?

By the time I finish, I will be around 65 sets. 43U/40L for the first set (I didn't go to the very end, stopped around 40 since we were going to have... READ MORE

Attachments on teeth for three years - effects?

Hello I finished off a course of Invisalign two years ago, but due to sudden travel found myself off around the world and gradually forgot about the... READ MORE

Should I use Invisalign or dental bonding to close the gap between my front teeth?

I understand that with invisalign I will have to wear a retainer as long as I want to keep the gap closed, while bonding may have to be replaced but I... READ MORE

What are the long term teeth-health implications of IPR done over a few teeth? As part of Invisialign, to improve smile (Photo)

I believe extractions should be out of consideration, dropping the plan if extractions are compulsory. What about IPR's implications? Is it possible... READ MORE

After 2 rounds of Invisalign, do I need to worry about my dentist "adjusting my bite" by shaving down teeth and enamel? (photos)

I am on my last tray of invisigline after 18 trays and then 9. Before I started, I had a slightly open bite in front. My open bite is corrected and my... READ MORE

Should I be getting long term retainers from the same company that made my trays after Invisalign?

I got my long term retainers after Invisalign yesterday and they are large, cloudy and bulky. My dentist indicated that these are my long term... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a spring retainer? Can it be used as a long term option?

I had Invisalign (+ refinement). There are still minor imperfections (the midline is slightly off, right canine is slightly off when I bite down and... READ MORE

What would happen if I wore my Invisalign too long?

My doctor advised me to wear my Invisalign for 6 months. Why shouldn't it be worn after 2 weeks? What happens if we wear it so long? Am afraid of the... READ MORE

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