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Can Invisalign Fix an Underbite?

Hello, I was wondering if its possible to fix a underbite. Well i'm not too exactly sure if it's a underbite, but I attached a photo. I notice... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Appropriate for Jaw Alignment Treatment?

I'm told my jaw is out of alignment and the dentist wants me to do Invisalign.  Will that help?  It will take all my savings but all I... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Correct Bite Problem from TMJ?

I've had a perfect bite all of these years. Last year, due to the stress of having painful physical injuries, I started grinding again after many... READ MORE

Pain Normal While Wearing Invisalign?

I am on my third Invisalign tray and I'm experiencing a lot of pain on the rigjht side of my face and jaw. When I wear the tray for more than 22 hours... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause Locked Jaw?

I'm on my second set of retainers and my jaw locked up. It'snot locked open and its not locked closed, I just can't open my mouth all the way. It has... READ MORE

Have Jaw Pain After Invisalign, Supposedly Caused from an Overbite, Is this Discomfort Permanent? (photo)

I have finished my Invisalign treatment. I've been having left jaw pain. My orthodontist stated that I have a bit of an overbite so my it puts... READ MORE

Braces or Invisalign for Patient with Small Jaw?

Dentists have told me that my jaw is too small to fit all my teeth. I have a lot of crowding and a few twisted teeth on my bottom row. Would I just be... READ MORE

Will Jaw Surgery Fix my Overbite?

Can some professionals please look at my 3d images i just got back invisalign and tell me if jaw surgery will correct my overbite,or do you think i... READ MORE

Jaw Correction Not Possible with Invisalign?

After half a year into my treatment, I was informed that jaw correction (protruding jaws) is not possible with invisalign though i was told of the... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Provide Enough Expansion to Increase Nasal Passage Airway?

Can invisalign provide enough expansion to actually increase the airway of the nasal passage way in minor cases? I am a 20 year old male. If not, will... READ MORE

What Level of Pain is Expected when Applying the Invisalign Attachments?

What level of pain is expected when applying the Invisalign attachments? Should jaw soreness or stiffness from the procedure be expected? What aspects... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery for Midline? Orthodontist Says Impossible with Invisalign, True?

I've been using Invisaligns for about a year. Long story short, my orthodontist says my upper midline can only be fixed by jaw surgery. My midline... READ MORE

Will your jaw ever move back to the original position after getting braces/invisalign and elastics off?

I know there are retainers to keep your teeth from moving after your braces/invisalign treatment, but what keeps your jaws from moving back after you... READ MORE

Should I go back to a tray I skipped by mistake or wear the current tray an extra two weeks?

I am using Invisalign for jaw problems and mistakenly skipped a tray 2 weeks ago. I didn't notice until it was time to put in the next tray. My jaw... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work After Jaw Surgery?

I have recently gone to an orthodontist and was told that I needed jaw surgery to correct my underbite (it's really small, the front of my top teeth... READ MORE

How Severe of a Problem Can Be Fixed with Invisalign?

My adult stepson has the WORST mouth that I have ever seen. Some teeth are forward, some are back, some are turned. His lower jaw rises up and then... READ MORE

Invisalign and Jaw Clicking?

I just started tray four (top and bottom) of my 28 tray Invisalign regimen. Everything was going great until yesterday morning when I noticed that my... READ MORE

13 Year Old Son - Misaligned Bite and Upper Jaw. Will Invisalign Work?

My 13 year old son has a mis alighned right side bite because his upper jaw has grown outwards more than the other side. This could have been because... READ MORE

What is the Correlation Between Invisalign and Reducing Headaches?

For those who are a candidate for invisalign to improve their bit and straighten teeth, how many have less headaches or jaw pain as a result? What... READ MORE

Will Invisalign fix my anterior crossbite? (Photo)

I'm a 26 year old female with an anterior crossbite that I want to treat. According to my dentist, it stems mostly from the fact that my upper jaw is... READ MORE

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