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How can I straighten my lateral incisor that sticks out? (photos)

Hi, I'm wondering what the best remedy for straightening my right lateral incisor, it is sticking out. The other teeth are ok. Possibly invisalign or... READ MORE

How Can I Correct the Short Lateral Incisors? Can They Move Down?

HI,how can i correct the look of my upper later incisors? they look so short to me comparing to the frontal incisors,and i'm really scared that with... READ MORE

Tray doesn't fit anymore. There is a gap between the tray and my lateral incisors, and sensitivity in my left canine. (Photo)

Hi, I'm on tray 14 and with the 13th tray my upper tray stopped fitting and it's getting worse. Between tray and lateral incisors is a gap that's... READ MORE

Is This Best I Can Expect from Invisalign?

I was referred to an ortho to evaluate two lower incisors that were loose due to occlusive trauma. I had braces as a child. My teeth were still pretty... READ MORE

Did my dentist do botched my IPR job? (photos)

Please see pictures for specifics. In your opinion, did my dentist do IPR too early in my treatment (ie. didn't wait until the contact points were... READ MORE

After using 12 trays of invisalign out of my 23 liners, my teeth are moving but they now look worse than before. Why? (Photo)

I am 27 years old and I have started an invisalign treatment because I always felt that my midline was not straight and my left side teeth are lower... READ MORE

Invisalign tooth not tracking - Dr. ignoring it. Any suggestions?

Early in my Invisilign process, one incisor tooth was 'not tracking' and the attachment on it did not fit into the corresponding bubble. It needs a... READ MORE

Nearing end of Invisalign Express treatment. Can I switch providers for refinements?

I am on my last tray and tomorrow is my final appointment. My lateral incisor is still crooked and not symmetrical in comparison to the lateral... READ MORE

Can a Gap Be Created Between Two Central Incisors in a Period of Just Some Hours of Having Had Invisalign Attachments Removed?

I've been wearing invisalign for 8 months and the result had been good until a week ago, when the attachments from my central incisors were... READ MORE

Is Slow Palatal Expansion an Option if Your Incisors Are Not Straight?

My incisors are at angles, this is to be followed with Invisalign, I am 21. Also, can slow palatal expansion encourage my top jaw forward? READ MORE

Invisalign Clincheck Video: Can Canines be Better Placed?

I put my clincheck video on youtube to see if i can get some advice. As professionals do you think its ok? Should i ask them to do anything or is... READ MORE

Crooked lateral incisors - braces, invisalign or veneers?

I've had crooked incisors for as long as I can remember but haven't had the money to fix them. I'm 25 and now I do, so I want to look at options.... READ MORE

Pushed Back Lateral Incisor - options for straightening. (photo)

So I've never had braces before yet my teeth are relatively straight except for one, the right lateral incisor. I'm wondering if anyone had... READ MORE

Will Invisalign help my overjet? (Photo)

I had braces 7 years ago when I was a teenager and when I got them off, my teeth were straight but when you look from the side, the four front teeth... READ MORE

Can Invisalign move teeth upward to correct gum line? (photos)

The gumline is too low over my top canine teeth. A periodontist said a gumlift cannot bedone without veneers due to insufficient enamel. Gumlift can... READ MORE

Veneer or Invisalign? Which is better for one tooth only? (Photo)

Would a single veneer or invisalign make my incisor tooth better ? That tooth is bothering me because i think it is too small and it doesnt fit in... READ MORE

Should I get traditional braces or can Invisalign help bring down my left canine and straighten the lateral incisor? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old and my canine tooth is up too high and the lateral incisor is extremely crooked. I avoided the issue because in my mind wearing... READ MORE

What is the best way to correct my crooked lateral incisor? (Photo)

I am 21 years old and Ive had braces in high school. My tooth has started to turn since my braces. Im considering veneers or invisalign, what do you... READ MORE

Cracked Invisalign Tray - will it have a detrimental effect on my treatment?

I am on tray 3 and the tray has a crack between my right central incisor and right lateral incisor. Will this effect my treatment? I was supposed to... READ MORE

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