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Can I Get a Refund After Invisalign Impressions Are Made?

I recently attended a consult for Invisalign. I was told at that appointment I should be able to have my invisalign at a (staff rate) being half... READ MORE

Average Price for Invisalign Impressions?

My orthotondist is charging me $2000 for invisalign impressions to measure the teeth because i couldn't go through with the treatment. no aligner was... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do Consultation and Impressions on the Same Day for Invisalign?

Hi, i have been waiting to get invisalign for a long time and i couldnt due to financial problems. But now, I have enough to afford invisalign. I was... READ MORE

I didn't wear my invisalign tray for 20 hours. Will my teeth start to move?

Hey! I didnt wear my invisalign tray for 20 hours because of a stomach virus. I am waiting for new trays, had new impressions taken few weeks ago.... READ MORE

Orthodontist is Charging Me For Invisalign Impressions Ater I Changed My Mind?

I changed my mind after an invisalign consultation and mold impressions and the orthodontist is charging me for $2000 just for the impressions. the... READ MORE

How Many Impressions Are Taken for a Full Set of Invisalign Trays?

How Many Impressions Are Taken for a Full Set of Invisalign Trays? READ MORE

Invisalign transfer - does Invisalign cover costs of new aligners if new treating dentist wants to redo impressions?

I recently moved overseas and am in the process of transferring my Invisalign case. While my new dentist has not yet seen my Clin-check information... READ MORE

There Are Websites Where a Person Can Take Their Own Impressions and Order Invisalign Themselves. Is This Ok?

There are websites like this one where a person can take their own impressions and order Invisalign themselves.... READ MORE

Should attachments be left on when impressions are made for Invisalign mid-course correction?

I am on Invisalign aligner 19 out of 29 for my uppers and my teeth stopped tracking so my ortho said I needed a mid course correction. When his... READ MORE

Can I cancel my Invisalign treatment after impressions have been sent out?

Hello, I just recently inquired for the invisalign treatment at my dentist. On December 22nd, 2014, I went in to have my impressions taken. Then on... READ MORE

Invisalign Impressions :The orthodontist I want to use does not have iTero Scanner. What options do I have?

The Orthdontist came highly recommended so I have great faith in him. However, this might sound trivial but I've got some kind of "sensory" issue so... READ MORE

Filling and impressions - same day different dentists?

My daugther has an appointment for 3 fillings in the morning and impressions for invisalign in the afternoon. Will the impressions pull out or damage... READ MORE

Taking out a tooth after impressions are done?

I'm getting Invisalign and I have a baby tooth and a permanent tooth. The baby tooth never came out because the permanent tooth never pushed it out,... READ MORE

The effects of wearing a 16 tray on top and a 17 on the bottom if you lost your bottom 16th tray in the set?

A week ago I made new impressions on my teeth,so my orthodontist could place me with a better/ more fitting set of aliners. I two days ago,in the... READ MORE

Do inlays or onlays affect Invisalign fit?

Already took impressions for my invisalign. A few weeks later, turns out I need fillings and an inlay or onlay. Would I need to make new impressions?... READ MORE

When do impressions for Vivera retainers usually take place?

I have 26 trays in total. My dentist said that he will take an impression for Vivera retainers at the appointment after my 25th Invisalign tray,... READ MORE

I'm just about to start my Invisalign treatment. Will I need more impressions? (Photo)

I'm just about to start my Invisalign treatment. I've had my impressions done and have an appointment tomorrow to see my pictures. I struggled with... READ MORE

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