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If I Have a Impacted Tooth Can Invisalign Be Used to Make the Space Bigger for an Implant?

I have a impacted canine tooth, with the baby tooth still intact, is there any way i can fix this without braces? I mean would it be possible to wear... READ MORE

Will Having my Impacted Canine Tooth Removed After Invisalign Ruin my Results? (photo)

I am 24. I still have a baby canine tooth, that looks very awkward with my smile, which I want to remove. My dentist told me the adult tooth was in... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for invisilign? (photo)

Impacted wisdom tooth created terrible crowding, especially on my lower teeth and got worse in my mid twenties. They have been removed a year or so... READ MORE

Can Invisalign correct a tooth that is impacted in the upper gum?

Can Invisalign bring down a canine tooth that is impacted in the upper gum with a bridge on it? If a dummy tooth or teeth were placed in the tray,... READ MORE

I'm 25. I want to extract baby canine as well as impacted tooth and reshape 1st bicuspid to become canine tooth. Any thoughts?

I have mild crowding and misalignment on top teeth and mild-severe crowding on the bottom. The orthodontist I consulted with said that I can extract... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Invisalign?

I have a large overbite, a little crowding with my bottom teeth, and 2 impacted canines (the baby teeth have already beed pulled out) READ MORE

I'm thinking about getting Invisalign treatment for my teeth, however I'm not sure if it will be suitable for me (Photo)

I'm particularly concerned about whether it will be able to fix the rotated tooth at the front. Where will all the teeth fit without extractions? I've... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Invisalign for crowding, overbite, misalignment and more? (photos)

Why IPR on just bottom teeth? Is top or bottom better/preferred? & why uneven ipr distribution (.5 vs .3)? Chances of Front tooth porcelain veneer... READ MORE

Impacted canine teeth alternatives besides braces?

I have 2 impacted canine teeth, i ended up getting braces removed for whatever reason, i DO NOT want to have to get braces back on. When i did have my... READ MORE

I'm 37 with a 100% impacted canine, no bone damage. What are my options aside from braces and having the tooth pulled down?

I never even knew until I got a cavity in my baby tooth and was told that they would not touch it. This tooth is practically sitting under nose, I... READ MORE

Is this a quick, effective way to deal with my impacted canines?

I have impacted canines, and I got them exposed about a month ago. I am in high school so I didn't want to have braces and end up having no canines... READ MORE

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