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Number 8 of my Invisalign Brace Wont Fit but Number 7 Does is This Normal?

Brace number 7 was checked by my dentist two wks ago and now number 8 wont fit READ MORE

I was sick and have not worn my Invisalign trays for about 6 months, what do I do?

I have been severely sick for the past six months or so , so I stopped wearing my invisalign. Now that I am better I want to start wearing them again... READ MORE

Is it normal for some my teeth to not properly fit on the Invisalign tray?

So this is my first tray and it's been 6 days, but I've notices that the top tray for one of my teeth pops out a little, as in it doesn't go on top of... READ MORE

I'm on my 14th set of liners but they dont fit perfectly is it ok? will it still work?

It still hurts which means i guess it is still moving but they do not fit 99% although they do fit the little bumps perfectly, its just my main four... READ MORE

My invisalign tray doesn't fit at the back, at the two last teeth on the right side. Should I have it checked out?

The headline says it all. Should I check it out? The tray wont stick at the last two teeth on the right side. Its sort of just hang on one side. Weird... READ MORE

Should I continue with wearing my new 5th tray of Invisalign if its not fitting tightly?

Hello, I am doing invisalign express. Last night I went to switch to my 5th tray, as it had been 2 weeks.They mostly fit fine, but the very back of my... READ MORE

On My 25th Tray of Invisalign and Top Tray Doesn't Fit?

I'm currently on my 25th tray with Invisalign. I haven't had any issues until now. I'm not able to change my upper tray, but the bottom fits fine. I... READ MORE

Attachments and Fit. Having Complications With My Trays? (photo)

1) attachments keep falling off the day of the boding (soft diet) and at least 3hrs before trying to eat anything or remove the trays. (solid black... READ MORE

Does Invisalign Become Deformed from Taking Them Out/prying Them Out?

I'm on my first tray and they don't seem to fit as snug as they did last week? I just want to get the most benefit out of every try. I have had a hard... READ MORE

Does my Invisalign tray still fit? (photos)

I switched to tray 17 (out of 24) today and the upper doesn't fit anymore. I noticed a few changes compared to last tray. The new one is somewhat... READ MORE

Why Second Scan for Invisalign After Only 7 Trays?

Made an appointment my dr. Looked at my current # 7 trays in my mouth said they're fitting fine I said ok watch next tray. Top left in back not... READ MORE

My Invisalign trays don't fit right. Should I still wear them?

Hi, I started my treatment almost 2 months ago and I am concerned about my last 2 trays it didn't fit right but the Dr said that in 3 days should fit... READ MORE

Is It Normal That my Upper Jaw Doesn't Fit the Lower After Five Days of Tray 1?

This is day5 of my Invisalign treatment (14 trays). I am confused about the fact that when I take them off, my teeth don't fit together. The canine... READ MORE

Finished Tray #13 and #14 doesn't fit properly in one spot. Tray #15 does however. Can I switch now?

I just finished #13 and am moving to 14 tonight when I realized that 14 does not fit at all on the top right. The tray on the right won't click in at... READ MORE

Invisaline tray fitting issue and very loose tooth. What should I do?

I am on my last tray 10. Since day one the right side of my tray never fit. (When I bite down the tray moves up and down my dr solution to this was to... READ MORE

What Do I Do About my Bottom Tray Not Fitting?

On my 1st set of tray, day 3 & since day 1 my top tray fits magically(painful,don't get me wrong,but it fits).But the bottom tray only goes down... READ MORE

Invisalign Tray fit and 2 buttons on one tooth? (photo)

Week 1 tray out of 18. Should the top tray be more fitted with my top teeth? Pretty big gap. Also, after biting down with my molars followed by... READ MORE

How Will I Know if my Invisalign Trays Are Fitting Correctly?

I just started my first invisalign tray last week and by no means are they fitting the way that I anticipated after seeing many many pictures and... READ MORE

Why is one side of my bottom invisalign tray not fitting tight?

The right side of my bottom invisalign tray, where my first and second molars are is quite loose. This is my very first tray and I can feel the tray... READ MORE

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