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What is the Composition of Invisalign?

What is the Composition of Invisalign? READ MORE

Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

I was told that traditional braces would take 3 years to correct my gap and straighten my two front teeth and correct my overbite. With Invisalign, it... READ MORE

How Is the Amount Needed of Invisalign Trays Determined? Is it Determined by the Doctor or Invisalign?

Different doctors gave estimated treatment time for a year or so. The doctor that unfortunally did my treatment say 10 trays will be enough. After the... READ MORE

Posterior Open Bite- Already Began Invisalign Treatment, Should I Be Concerned?

My back teeth on 1 side don't touch. Before starting Inv, my dentist (not ortho) noticed the Clincheck showed an open bite on both sides at the... READ MORE

Very Unhappy with Invisalign Results. What Do I Do Next?

I'm done with invisalign and very unhappy with the results. I got my clear retainers to wear at night and every morning it looks worse and worse.... READ MORE

Is This Best I Can Expect from Invisalign?

I was referred to an ortho to evaluate two lower incisors that were loose due to occlusive trauma. I had braces as a child. My teeth were still pretty... READ MORE

Invisalign Timing and Results, Different Responses from Doctors, What to Do?

I have two upper lateral incisors overlapping my front teeth and a few crooked teeth on my lower jaw. One orthodontist said it would take 12 months to... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Refuse Express Treatment if Results Would Be Inadequate?

I am confused about what treatment to go for. Invisalign first offered express treatment but my dentist also got a plan for full treatment (17 trays).... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Help a Crooked Tooth and a Slanted One?

I have one crooked tooth and a tooth that slants. would invisalign be right? READ MORE

Invisalign Trays Don't Match How Long the Doctor Said It Would Take

During my insalign consultation I was told the process could take 12 - 14 months, changing trays every 2 weeks, however when I got my trays, it says... READ MORE

After the treatment of my two front teeth, is the final result normal? (photos)

I had two big front teeth. Doctor advised me to cut my front teeth, & made 4 teeth from laboratory. & then fixed it. But I realise my smile is still... READ MORE

Not thrilled with the Invisalign final result. Any suggestions? (photos)

I recently finished my Invisalign treatment (did the mid course correction too). I did see the clean check and the computer simulation looked good,... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Invisalign? (photos)

I have been told different things from 3 different orthodontists. I really want to do Invisalign. One said I would need extraction then 1 year with... READ MORE

Can I Discontinue My Invisalign Treatment After Getting My Trays?

I told my Ortho I wanted Invisalign over braces because I couldn't have anything on the surface of my teeth. They said Invisalign was a great option... READ MORE

I received my attachments today. Some did not stick. Will this affect the final result of my Invisalign process?

I'm a 61 year old female who decided to jump in and go for the Invisalign treatment plan. The dentist opted to add the attachments on the third set of... READ MORE

No contact molars forward; Will jaw realign, gap resolve? Permanent issues (long term)? Alternate treatment? (photo)

I wore invisiligns 10 months total; completed treatment end of March, 2015. Orthodontist insists results are great and that the inset tooth has come... READ MORE

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