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My Boyfriend Just Had His Front Tooth Filed to Make Space for Invisalign. He's Really Upset Because the Tooth is Now Noticeable?

He's only 6 weeks into invisalign and I hate to see him so upset. He's really, really upset that so much of his tooth was (from his perspective) filed... READ MORE

Are Teeth Filing and Braces Necessary for Invisalign?

I just had a consult with dentist to do Invisalign on both sets of teeth. Is it right that he wants to file off the sides of my teeth as well as wear... READ MORE

Possible to Get Invisalign for Crowded Teeth Without Filing?

My lower teeth are crowded. I want to have Invisalign, but don't want to get my teeth filed. Is it possible to get this treatment done without filing... READ MORE

Invisalign or Dental Contouring? (photos)

Due to poor orthodontics years ago one of my front teeth was pushed higher than the rest, making it look shorter. I looked into Invisialign, and it... READ MORE

Will I be able to have my front teeth line up after invisalign? (Photo)

I am on my 7/14th aligner for invisalign(express). My dentist showed me the simulation which I was happy about. However, my top teeth won't be a... READ MORE

Can I get my mamelons filed down?

I am 25 and I still have mamelons on my top front two teeth. I know they are normal and are supposed to wear down over time, but I have a slight... READ MORE

How long until filed teeth go back to normal? (Photos)

I had my front teeth filed at the sides three days ago as part of my Invisalign treatment. I have a trip planned in a month and was wondering if my... READ MORE

Cavity while in Invisalign treatment?

I went to the dentist yesterday and was told I have a cavity, but I can't get it filled for about 5 more weeks because of my Invisalign trays. I'm... READ MORE

How do I make my teeth the same length? (Photo)

I have always been unhappy with my teeth and have finally decided to do something about it. I have decided to get Invisalign to fix the overlapping... READ MORE

Spacing due to round shape of teeth?! (photo)

Just finished my 1st invisalign refinement but I'm still see space between my front teeth. My orthodontist says this is due to the shape of the tooth,... READ MORE

Spacing between teeth after getting filed down. Is this normal? Will my orthodontist need to fill in the space?

I am currently on tray 10/11 for my bottom aligners and 10/13 for my top aligners. I started in February 2014 and at my first two appointments, my... READ MORE

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