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How Long to Wear Invisalign for Crowded Teeth?

How long do you have to wear Invisalign? My teeth are very crowded and I wanted crowns, but they say that's too expensive. They said I should wear... READ MORE

Do the Rubber Bands and Invisalign Work for Correcting the Bite?

My daughter is 15 and needs braces. According to reports she has 4mm of upper crowding and about the right amount of space for the teeth in the lower... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Bring my Top Canines Down or Do I Need Traditional Braces?

My teeth are primarily straight. My problem is that my upper canines are higher than the rest of my teeth. I need them to come down and then file the... READ MORE

What's the Best Option for Extremely Crowded Teeth?

Including "fang" looking teeth on top. 50yr female. Dont think braces will be the answer since I have seen teeth becoming crooked again in... READ MORE

Invisalign - Clear Buttons?

I Just Got Invisalign.  All Advertisement Shows Completely Clear Trays. I was upset that my doctor put all these white colored buttons on my... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Worth Having Done when in Your 50's?

I have always had crowding, crooked & discolored teeth. Had a lot of dental work done about 15 yrs ago. I'd like to keep my teeth as long as I... READ MORE

Invisalign for Extreme Overcrowding and Overbite?

Would it work? Is it possible. I think I have extreme overcrowding and overbite (because of which my gums and teeth have become very unhealthy) Would... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix Teeth That Are Horizontally Not Aligned?

I had braces at 12, now I'm turning 20 and the upper and lower plate don't match up, ie the midpoint of upper and lower are at different... READ MORE

Possible to Stop with the Braces to Get Invisalign?

I am 19 years old owe 975 on my metal braces and I want to stop treatment and get Invisalign because I have already had this metal on for almost two... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Change Face Structure?

I'm 24 and I don't have a perfect smile like most of the girls in the United States since I didn't have braces when I was little girl. I want to do... READ MORE

Tender Sensitive Teeth from Invisalign Retainers?

Hi, I've researched the questions on realself.com but couldn't find an answer. I completed my treatment 4 months ago and wear my retainers... READ MORE

Bonding or Invisalign for Small Teeth with Spaces?

Hi I am 18 and I have smaller teeth than normal and spaces between them. I was wondering what I could do about it? I have had my two front teeth... READ MORE

Rubber Bands with Invisalign: Is it Too Late in the Process?

I am currently on my 18th or 23rd set of aligners and i am an overbite. my orthodontist has not suggested or mentioned the use of rubber bands with... READ MORE

Invisalign Express After Braces and Retainer?

I had Braces and a retainer when I was younger, but my teeth have shifted since then. One tooth in particular really bothers me. I don't need my teeth... READ MORE

Why is there a gap between my tooth and my aligner? (Photo)

I am currently on my 17th tray (out of 23). I have been wearing my aligner religiously, and have only noticed recently that my front tooth is now not... READ MORE

I Have One Crooked Tooth in Front on Top, Would Invisalign Help? (photo)

I really don't want to get a full mouth of metal braces for one tooth that isn't that bad. But, I also want to feel comfortable smiling for... READ MORE

Possible to Go for Invisalign Without Tooth Extraction?

Recently, I just had a consultation for Invisalign and the doctor told me that he try not to do extraction for me because my side profile is quite... READ MORE

Does Invisalign Work on Misaligned Teeth?

I am a 51 year female. I've been wearing a retainer at night from the orthodontist for the past 5 years. My top front teeth are shifted over I was... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Widen Smile and Move Teeth Forward?

I am 51 years old. My braces came off 2 years ago; had 4 extractions. My teeth don't look bad, however, they are too far back, my arch is too... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Widen Arch with Invisalign?

I am getting my arch widened to straighten teeth instead of IPR (Interproximal Reduction). Does it take a long time to widen the arch with Invisalign? READ MORE

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