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Invisalign Price: Fee Before Dental Office Costs Are Added?

How much is the actual Invisalign fee without costs added in by the dental office? READ MORE

Orthodontist is Charging Me For Invisalign Impressions Ater I Changed My Mind?

I changed my mind after an invisalign consultation and mold impressions and the orthodontist is charging me for $2000 just for the impressions. the... READ MORE

Denying refund for fully paid Invisalign treatment that I did not finish. Demanding $1,000 to open case again. Is this right?

About half way through treatment I was unable to continue wearing my trays (unable to take pain meds during back to back pregnancies). When I got back... READ MORE

Ballpark Range for Mild Case Invisalign Treatments + Dentist Visit Fees? (photo)

Let's say I researched around town and found you to be the trusted/educated/legitimate professional I would bring my business to for Invisalign... READ MORE

Why can I only get one refinement?

My orthodontist reopened my Invisalign case that I walked away from in 2012. Now I am paying a fee to reopen my case and my doctor says I can only get... READ MORE

Changing dentists fee?

My dentist has either closed or taking a long leave of absence without telling anybody. I am wondering how much its going to roughly cost me to change... READ MORE

Should I be getting long term retainers from the same company that made my trays after Invisalign?

I got my long term retainers after Invisalign yesterday and they are large, cloudy and bulky. My dentist indicated that these are my long term... READ MORE

How much is Invisalign lab fee? Does it vary depending on the quality of the lab?

Is invisalign lab fee pretty standard or does it vary depending on the quality of the lab? Or could this be an area where orthodontist can adjust for... READ MORE

Switching Invisalign provider

I paid in full for my Invisalign treatment (included free refinements)I completed my treatment and I am up to the refinement stage . This experience... READ MORE

Invisalign consultation: what to expect?

What type of information do dentists provide during an Orthodontic consultation? Is there a fee? READ MORE

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