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Invisalign Attachments Keep Falling off, 3rd Time in 2 Weeks?

Within my first 2 weeks of Invisalign treatment, I have already went to my dentist 2 times (1st time 3 fell off) 2nd time (2 fell off). And now, I... READ MORE

Attachments and Fit. Having Complications With My Trays? (photo)

1) attachments keep falling off the day of the boding (soft diet) and at least 3hrs before trying to eat anything or remove the trays. (solid black... READ MORE

My Attachment keep coming off? (photo)

I don't know what to do!!!!????? I got my attachments replaced by the dentist( himself this time) and because they was coming off so often he prolong... READ MORE

Attachments All Fallen off?

Yesterday I had my attachments put on. I had 11 attachments put on in total. In the dentists office one came off and she said she would re-do in two... READ MORE

Invisilign Buttons Coming off Often?

Is it normal that the buttons for my rubber band come of often? They both fall off within about a week of each other and about every 3 months. I just... READ MORE

Do I Have to Pay Extra for Buttons That Have Fallen off During Invisalign?

I have buttons attached to my bottom teeth where I place rubber bands during my invisalign treatment. However, one of the buttons has already fallen... READ MORE

Is It Possible for an Invisalign Button to Break but Not Fall off Completely?

One of the buttons feels as if it is still there but it is not filling the form completely as I was told it should. READ MORE

When I Talk my Upper Invisalign Tray Falls off

So I have to stop talking and adjust it.. And that's embarrassing.. Is that normal?? READ MORE

On my third invisalign tray, just got attachments, 10 out of 13 fell off in the first day. Any suggestions?

I had my attachments put on today. There were 13 in total (I think). 10 of them fell off within the first two times I took off the invisalign,... READ MORE

How long can I go with a missing button for elastics?

My bottom button that is meant to attach the elastic band has fallen off. I am away at college and won't be able to go back home until almost 3 weeks... READ MORE

Invisalign really getting on my nerves. Do attachments fall off all the time?

I can deal with the sharp edges I can deal with restricting my food intake, I can even deal with the plastic rubber bands. But I am getting frustrated... READ MORE

Do I really need to use the bands with my invisalign retainers?

One of the buttons attached to my molar falls off all the time. Is there another way to use the bands without the buttons. I getting very discouraged. READ MORE

Buttons falling off. Is this normal?

Three of the four buttons used to hold on the bands have fallen off within two weeks of attachment. I understand it's difficult to stick on caps but... READ MORE

The top tray of my Invisalign cracked. What I'm supposed to do now?

I'm not getting new trays for another three weeks, and when I put both in the farthest part to my side falls out READ MORE

Metal Invisalign buttons coming off?

I have completed 20 Invisaign aligners (aka 40 weeks worth.) I have had metal rubber band attachments at the back of my mouth for 32 weeks. They did... READ MORE

Tooth fell out during Invisalign treatment. What should I do next? (Photo)

I am wearing Invisalign for 1,5 months now. When I had my appointment with an orthodontist, I was carefully examined. No red flags or warnings were... READ MORE

I have significant tooth resorption that is apparently genetic. I started Invisalign a few days ago. Any suggestions? (photo)

I am very concerned my teeth will fall out. I just need to get to the point to where they are straight enough to bond together to help secure the... READ MORE

Why does one of my buttons keep falling off?

The same button has fallen off three times in the last five weeks and I'm beginning to wonder why this keeps happening. I haven't changed anything... READ MORE

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