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Can I get new Invisalign retainers and how much do they cost?

I finished my express 10 Invisalign treatment. My dentist then asked for $500 to pay for retainers (the clear ones from Invisalign). He said I would... READ MORE

Invisalign Express 10 Vs Invisalign Express 5 - What is the Difference? (photo)

My orthodontist approved me for Invisalign 10 which will take 5 months. My question is: what is the difference between Invisalign express 10 and... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign Express?

I know, I know. I need the computer to tell me how many trays... but do I even look like I'm in the running for Invisalign express or is it... READ MORE

Wait 30 Minutes Before Reinserting Invisalign?

I have Invisalign (express and top only) and read somewhere that you should wait 30 minutes after eating to brush and reinsert the liners. Is that... READ MORE

Just finished Invisalign Express treatment and am not satisfied. Will I need to begin a whole new treatment? (photo)

Just finished Invisalign Express treatment (20 aligners total) and am not satisfied. Will I need to begin a whole new treatment? After aligner #20,... READ MORE

Am I Eligibible for Invisalign Express? (photo)

Long story short I was receiving ortho treatment in Mexico, before moving back to L.A my upper arch was ready so my braces were removed. I am looking... READ MORE

Can I Move to Invisalign Express?

I'm on aligner #8 (5th month) and have 19 aligners to go. Because I initally wanted to correct minor crowding on my bottom teeth, I was shocked to... READ MORE

Am I Getting Invisalign Express?

I just started on invisalign and the quote i was paying indicated an estimate treatment time of 18 months. But my aligner bag indicates invisalign... READ MORE

I Am Halfway Through Invisalign Express and my Teeth Are Looking WORSE! Should I Quit?

My dentist suggested I get invisalign express to correct my shifting teeth I had from braces about 12 years ago. Not wanting to get treatment from a... READ MORE

Invisalign or Invisalign Express? (photo)

I've been to 5 different orthodontists & am ready to make a decision.Today( a week & a half after my consult) I got a call from one DR telling... READ MORE

Any Concerns Re: Express Version of Invisalign

I just started Invisalign treatment (cost $5100). I was surprised to see "Invisalign Express" on the packaging for my trays; the ortho and I... READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for Invisalign Express? (photo)

I did not have braces when I was younger because the dentist told my parents that I didn't need them. However I have a bit of crowding/unevenness... READ MORE

Could I Be a Potential Candidate for Invisalign Express? (photo)

Am I a possible candidate for invisalign express? My top teeth are straight. I do have a little overbite, but its not my main concern. What happens if... READ MORE

Should I get Spring Retainer or Invisalign Express? Should I get discounted because I've already had braces through this ortho?

I had braces 3 years ago, and have been wearing my retainer every night since because my teeth frequently shift due to tongue thrust. I have managed... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Express an Option for Me? (photo)

I had braces 4 years ago, and I am only concerned with getting invisalign for my top teeth. I am meeting with a doctor in 2 weeks about this issue. I... READ MORE

Could I Be a Candidate for Invisalign Express 10? (photo)

I don't perfect, perfect teeth but just straighter ones so my smile looks better. READ MORE

I Have Started Invisalign Express and I Have 8 Trays in Total but Was Wondering if I Can Actually Speed Up my Treatment?

I had braces 9 years ago but because I didn't wear my retainers like I should of, I ended up with my teeth moving a bit, I just started my invisalign... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Express Work for Teeth with a Lot of Spaces?

My teeth have a lot of spaces. I would like to try invisalign. A dentist told me that I could use express invisalign, but for some reason I have... READ MORE

Would Invisalign Express Work for Mild Bite Issue and Expansion?

Had braces(palatal expander prior) Teeth looked perfect after that Backwire placed for permanent retention unfortunately, 3yrs later teeth regressed... READ MORE

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