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Is Invisalign Appropriate for Jaw Alignment Treatment?

I'm told my jaw is out of alignment and the dentist wants me to do Invisalign.  Will that help?  It will take all my savings but all I... READ MORE

How Does Invisalign Correct an Overbite?

I am currently 27 years old. As a teenager I saw (fairly regularly) an orthodontist. At that time he recommended braces and headgear to straighten my... READ MORE

Buttons on Invisalign Braces, Do They Come Off?

Just got invisalign braces on..i however am not happy with turnout! I was not told about these "button" that they have put all over my teeth... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Close in Gap Caused by Baby Tooth Extraction? (photo)

I'm 18 years old and I'm considering getting invisalign. My ortho said that I have a baby tooth right next to my upper left canine, and that... READ MORE

I Have Periodontal Disease Which is Treated, Is Invisalign Recommended? (photo)

I have recently been treated for periodontal disease. Unfortunately it has caused a minor gap (<1mm) in my front 2 teeth. - Should i consider... READ MORE

Ill-fitting Invisalign Tray on Wisdom Tooth

Tray not snug on one side where I have a wisdom tooth, should I be concerned? I just started tray 1 of 10 trays and am on day 5. The trays are very... READ MORE

I Have Invisalign and It is Being Used to Correct an Overbite, But Will It Work? (photo)

I have been researching online and have read that you can not correct an overbite using elastics once the upper jaw is formed. I am 22 years old so I... READ MORE

Invisalign Pain?

I have signed up for Invisalign but I'm having sleepless nights worrying about what I have gotten myself into. I have two upper incisors that are... READ MORE

Invisalign Pain. What To Expect?

Im due to have my attachments put on and receive my first set of aligners in a few weeks. Is it fair to assume that the degree of discomfort would be... READ MORE

Will Teeth Return to Original Structure After Stopping Invisalign Mid-way?

I'm terminating invisalign treatment after 3.5 months. My original orthodontist declared bankruptcy and I was given a free consultation by another... READ MORE

What will happen when I get IPL for Invisalign?

I started Invisalign treatment almost 2 weeks ago with a total treatment time estimated at 12 months. I have overcrowding on the bottom and IPL was... READ MORE

How long can I expect my treatment to last?

My case is pretty minor compared to others I have seen. I have 13 sets of aligners mainly to correct gaps in my upper front teeth. My doc has only... READ MORE

I want to fix my smile but don't want to wear traditional braces, I'm thinking Invisalign at first or smile direct club. (photo)

If I go with Invisalign how many attachments would I need? And how long should I expect for treatment? Could venners be an option? READ MORE

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