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Has Anyone Actually Switched Invisalign Trays Early?

So I see a ton of questions about changing invisalign trays early, and all the answers seem to say DONT DO IT!! But my question is has anyone actually... READ MORE

Is It OK to Keep Wearing Cracked Invisalign Tray?

My bottom Invisalign tray just cracked while I was taking them off for dinner. I am on day 11 of 14. Also, two days ago the bottom tray didn't... READ MORE

Invisalign Express 10 Vs Invisalign Express 5 - What is the Difference? (photo)

My orthodontist approved me for Invisalign 10 which will take 5 months. My question is: what is the difference between Invisalign express 10 and... READ MORE

Is There Long Term Damage Done when Skipping 5 Invisalign Trays?

I'm a 27 year old woman who has never had braces in the past. I'm currently doing the Invisalign treatment. I've completed trays 1-6 wearing each tray... READ MORE

Should I Chomp Down with Invisalign?

I just got my 2nd tray set. These are significantly tighter than my first set and have begun to alter my bite. I am having difficulty chewing food, as... READ MORE

How Effective Will Invisalign Be in Correcting an Anterior Open Bite?

My dentist has given me the option of continuing with rubber bands, or to terminate the treatment now and opt for invisalign (the rubber bands... READ MORE

I forgot to wear my first tray of invisalign aligners for 10 hours on one day. Will this have a dire effect on my end result?

I am on my first set of invisalign aligners. I know that it is important to keep on the aligners for 22 hours a day. Yesterday I went out and forgot... READ MORE

Back Vs Front Placement of Invisalign Button

With Invisalign, I understand that it is now possible to place the buttonattachments on the BACK of the teeth to make it completely hidden. Is this... READ MORE

Invisalign Didn't Fix my Flared out Teeth?

Before my treatment, I had very mild flared out teeth but after my treatment they are still flared out a a bit, all it did was straighten my teeth... READ MORE

Does Tooth Clenching Affect Invisalign's Ability to Hold It's Shape and Work Properly?

I have Invisalign and have a tendency to clench my teeth in my sleep or throughout the day when I'm stressed (which is often). So, I'm wondering if... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Widen the Arch of Palate?

I have a very narrow pallet. Saw orthodontist & told ortho will not work for me because I have quite alot of bone loss & the drs had me taking... READ MORE

Does Drinking Hot Liquids Impact the Effectiveness of Invisalign?

My dentist said I could drink coffee with the invisaligns on - however I heard from other users that their dentists say the hot liquid 'melts'... READ MORE

At What Age Does Invisalign Lose Effectiveness?

At what age does Invisalign lose effectiveness? READ MORE

Invisalign for All and Without Attachments?

Hello, This is regarding ClearPath/InvisAlign. My dentist and myself decided to go with this, though complete correction is not possible in my case. 1... READ MORE

Invisalign Doesn't Hurt! Does This Mean It's Not Working?

So I got a new tray in today. Also I got my first set of Attachments. For some reason my teeth don't ache! This is odd because my first two trays hurt... READ MORE

Can I Opt to Not Have Invisalign on Top Teeth?

I had attachments put on my lower teeth today, but wanted to wait for the top. I am supposed to get 3 of them on the top, but REALLY don't want them... READ MORE

Am I Able to Have Invisalign with a Permanent Baby Tooth?

I have all my permanent teeth except one because there doesn't exist a permanent adult tooth underneath my baby tooth. At my last visit, the dentist... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work a Second Time? (photo)

I had invisalign for 18 months with 3 refinements. I was meant to be a simple case but there was one tooth (canine) that wouldn't budge. I was... READ MORE

Invisalign for Bucked Teeth?

My top teeth are bucked because I sucked my thumb for years. I noticed a very large gap between the top front teeth and the bottom front teeth. Is... READ MORE

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