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How Much Do Palate Expanders Cost and How Long Does a 20-year Old Have to Wear It For?

I bought a groupon for elite-provider invisalign treatment in Chicago. The ortho checked out my teeth and said I'm a candidate, but he said the... READ MORE

Invisalign Tray 1 Lost on Day 2. Is It Ok to Advance to Tray 2?

I lost my top tray on Day 2 of the first set and my upper teeth are pretty straight to start with. The next tray fits ok with a little pressure on my... READ MORE

How Many Hours a Day Do I Need to Wear Invisalign?

How Many Hours a Day Do You Really Need to Wear Invisaline Braces? Is 18 Hours Adequate? READ MORE

How Long Do Invisalign Results Last?

I have always had straight teeth, but they started to shift when I turned 23 (I'm 24 now and they are still shifting). If I get Invisalign and... READ MORE

How Long Do I Wear Each Invisalign Tray? (photo)

I am currently on Tray 7 of 26 trays. I have included my pictures here and wanted the DDS doctor's opinions. I had two small teeth on the bottom that... READ MORE

Movement from Night Wearing of Retainer After Invisalign

I have recently finished my Invisalign and I am at the stage of wearing a retainer only at night. I have noticed a significant amount of movement with... READ MORE

I Have 15 Sets of Invisalign, How Many Months Will It Take to Be Done with Treatment?

I was told by my ortho to change my trays every 2 weeks. I have 15 sets so how many months should this take me? Thanks READ MORE

If Invisalign Retainer is Only Worn for 12 Hours a Day After Treatment Will Teeth Remain in Position?

I will be completing a 9 month invisalign course in a few months and I have been offered two forms of retention: - fixed wire - Invisalign retainer... READ MORE

What Would Be the Length of Treatment for over Crowded Teeth with Invisalign? (photo)

What Would Be the Length of Treatment for over Crowded Teeth with Invisalign? READ MORE

How Good is Invisalign at Removing Spaces After Tooth Extraction?

I visited my ortho today and he said he can remove my underbite by removing my lower pre-molars.i wanted to know how good invisalign is at closing the... READ MORE

First Refiner Tray - How Many Days?

Greetings all, I just got my first set of refiners today. My ortho said the first tray was actually a passive aligner, so I only had to wear it for a... READ MORE

If I wear my aligners about 18/20 hrs/day, can I "make up" for lost time by adding a few days on to the end of my 2 week period?

I am finding it virtually impossible to winnow down my eating/drinking time into a maximum total of 2 or 3 hours a day. As I am a firm believer that... READ MORE

Have Any of the Dentists on This Board Been Invisalign Patients Themselves?

I have found it almost impossible to wear the aligners 22 hours a day, and am very self-conscious about the obvious attachments and dry mouth (still... READ MORE

Length of Time and Cost of Invisalign Braces for Just the Top Half? (photo)

I'm only concerned about the top half of my teeth for straightening and all teeth are well aligned except the front right one. Is there a possible... READ MORE

Estimated Treatment Time and Success in Correcting Teeth? (photo)

Hello, I want to get from the wonderful experts on here an estimated treatment time and success in correcting my teeth with Invisalign? As you can see... READ MORE

Am I Getting Invisalign Express?

I just started on invisalign and the quote i was paying indicated an estimate treatment time of 18 months. But my aligner bag indicates invisalign... READ MORE

Duration of Invisalign Treatment for Teeth Gap?

I have gaps starting from the front two of my teeth at the top to the right side. They overlap the bottom of my teeth, which causes me not to show my... READ MORE

Which One is Better: Invisalign or Braces? How Many Months Do You Think I Should Need? (photo)

As you see from the pic i have o crowded teeth. i found very famous doctor who offers invisaligne with 2400 (till 7\31\2012) in my city. the problem... READ MORE

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