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Am I Able to Drink Anything and Eat Soft Foods While Wearing Invisalign?

I was curious if I was allowed to drink anything while wearing Invisalign or if it would damage my Invisalign. Drinks (with the exception of coffee... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Drink Carbonated Drinks While on Invisalign?

Can you drink Sprite Zero with a straw with an Invisalign tray in? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Drink Flavored Sparkling Water with Invisalign Aligners In?

I was hoping to only have to switch to carbonated water, as I find water difficult to drink. I've googled the question and came up with very... READ MORE

Can You Drink Seltzer Water with Invisalign?

Can You Drink Seltzer Water with Invisalign? READ MORE

Am I Able To Drink Smoothies With invisalign inside my mouth?

I am in high school and all the students eat in a cafeteria and I was wondering if I could drink a smoothie for lunch with my invisalign in or if I... READ MORE

Does Drinking Hot Liquids Impact the Effectiveness of Invisalign?

My dentist said I could drink coffee with the invisaligns on - however I heard from other users that their dentists say the hot liquid 'melts'... READ MORE

Has drinking with Invisalign in affected the treatment?

I've been told(as with many others) to only drink water with Invisalign in. This is because of the staining and discolouration of the trays, however,... READ MORE

What can I eat and drink with invisalign?

I just got invisalign and I was wondering if I could eat ice cream and possibly yogurt with them on. And I have also seen many answers said to not... READ MORE

What's the best option for eating and drinking during endurance events greater than 2 hours?

I do events such as running races, bike rides, triathlons that last 2 to 5 hours often without stopping. I drink a carbohydrate drink and eat gels or... READ MORE

Going on vacation with Invisalign. Need advise & tips!

I will be starting Invisalign in a couple of weeks. I have a all inclusive vacation to Mexico in September that I'm very excited for, however worried... READ MORE

Is it OK to drink sparkling water with Invisalign trays in?

Currently, I have been removing my aligners whenever I drink anything except water. I was wondering if it would cause problems if I drank sugar free... READ MORE

Can I Drink Sugar Free Strawberry Water with Invisalign?

Iv had my trays a week and as much as I love water I wouldn't mind a change , I was just wandering if I could drink sugar free flavoured waters that... READ MORE

Can I drink clear sugar free sodas with invisalign?

I just got my invisialign this week. Compared to the metal braces I had as a teenager, these are super easy, comfortable, and damn near impossible to... READ MORE

Can I Use Mio Water Enhancer While Wearing Invisalign? (photo)

I'm just reasearching the possibilities of Invisalign and I want to know if I can drink Mio in my water? I'm not really a fan of water by itself and... READ MORE

I've Had my Aligners for a Week Now and I Was Told I Couldn't Drink Anything HOT, Why is That?

I'm the biggest coffee/tea drinker! and not being able to drink anything HOT is aggravating. Will my aligners EXPAND with hot liquids? READ MORE

Is it OK to drink Herbal Teas such as Chamomile/Lemon while wearing Invisalign?

I understand that you have to take off your braces when drinking soda, regular tea, coffee because of staining and such but how about herbal teas? READ MORE

Am I eligible for Invisalign? (photos)

Excuse them being extremely yellow. I started drinking tea and its stained my teeth. READ MORE

Can I drink anything with my aligners in?

I read that I should only drink water but my dentist told me that I can drink anything with my liners in and not to worry about staining them since I... READ MORE

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