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OK to Get Invisalign out of State While in College?

Im currently in california but in fall 2010 i plan on going to university of arizona. As a present my parents wanted to get me the invisalign in... READ MORE

New Jersey Invisalign Dentist Recommendations

Hi. I'm lookig for a good orthodontist who has experience working with Invisalign. I need braces but because I'm 24 and have to work with... READ MORE

Recommended Toronto Area Invisalign Orthodontist?

I'm seriously considering this process and most of the negative comments I've seen are because of poor choice of dentist/orthodontist. I'm just... READ MORE

Bay Area Invisalign Doctor Recommendations

Could you please recommend a doctor in Bay Area that offers Invisalign? I am staying in Fremont, CA and was wondering if you could recommend any good... READ MORE

Jamaica Invisalign Doctor Recommendations

I still have a baby tooth and my canine tooth then grew behind my premolar. It is minor. Just requires taking my baby tooth out and straightening only... READ MORE

NYC Invisalign Dentist Recommendations

Hi , im looking for some references for a good invisalign expert in nyc... Note: See our NYC Invisalign provider directory. READ MORE

Long Island Invisalign Doctor Recommendation

I am looking to correct a minor problem. I would like to shop around and obtain quotes. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. READ MORE

Looking for Invisalign Orthodontist in Central New Jersey Area?

Can anyone recommend a great orthodontist that can give me an estimate for Invisalign Express in the Central New Jersey area? READ MORE

Looking for Invisalign Provider Open to Payment Plans in Michigan?

I have no overbite. My teeth don’t look abnormally weird, but I have one bottom tooth that is in the middle and is turned a little. A few on... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Invisalign in West Sacramento, CA for 19 Year Old?

I have been reading through some material on here about how the right doctor must be found to provide Invisalign since not all of them are qualified... READ MORE

Recommendations for Invisalign Orthodontist in Seattle East Side

Anyone have recommendations for Invisalign Orthodontist in Seattle East side (Redmond, Kirkland and Seattle or North of seattle area)?   READ MORE

Trinidad and Tobago Invisalign Doctor Recommendations

Is there a dentist or orthodontist located in Trinidad and Tobago that can help me get Invisalig? READ MORE

Sjogren's Syndrome & Invisalign. Any dentists/ortho have experience w/ Sjorgen patients?

I was diagnosed w/ Sjorgens Syndrome 3 months ago by a rheumatologist. This is a dry mouth/dry eye & joint pain auto-immune syndrome. It was based on... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of invisalign and braces treatment? (Photo)

1) What are the pros and cons of using Invisalign vs. braces to address the overbite and gaps between my teeth? 2) How long would Invisalign treatment... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can find a specialist that can do my Invisalign with missing teeth or if I get implants? (photo)

I went to a Orthodontist for a invisalign consultation she told me I would have to get braces for a year before I can get Invisalign . I have a tiny... READ MORE

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