Diastema + Invisalign

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With Invisalign, Will my Gap Remain Closed if the Piece of Skin That Seperates the Teeth is Too Large and Isn't Removed?

I am waiting to receive my first set of aligners. Basically my only problem is the gap between my two front teeth. I wore braces in the past & had... READ MORE

For a Space Between my Two Front Teeth Should I Get Invisalign or Braces, I'm 13?

My dentist told me my teeth were perfect and unless I wanted orthodontia for cosmetic reasons I don't need it. Though, i have decided that the... READ MORE

What Type of Retainer Should I Use After Closing my 5mm Diastema with Invisalign?

What Type of Retainer Should I Use After Closing my 5mm Diastema with Invisalign? READ MORE

Can I Have A Frenectomy After I Already Started the Invisalign Treatment?

I have a large 5 mm diastema. Can i make the frenectomy within 3 months after starting the invisalign treatment? Can the injure be cured without... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Be Used in my Case

Here is a picture of my upper jaw 1. Can Invisalign be used if there is a big gap (which must not be closed, just exists). I am trying to close it at... READ MORE

Are my teeth eligible for diastema closure through Invisalign or should I go with braces? (Photo)

How much time does it usually takes to close diastema with Invisalign or Braces? Which one will land the fastest results? How long will the results... READ MORE

I am currently under invisalign treatment. When will I start to see my diastema closing?

I am currently using invisalign for the diastema in between my two front teeth. I am on my 6th out of 18 liners. I was wondering if these current... READ MORE

Invisalign for diastema? (Photo)

I recently went to a dentist hoping to sort the problem with my diastema using veneers, but sadly he told me that my teeth are already too wide, and... READ MORE

What form of teeth movement would work best for my front teeth diastema? (Photo)

I'd like to correct the diastema, my midline and overjet and would prefer to use Lingual braces or Invisalign/ClearCorrect. If I chose lingual braces... READ MORE

I have generalized diastemas on my maxillary arch. Will Invisalign work to close these gaps? (Photo)

When I was a kid the dentist chose to pull my first molars on each side of my top teeth because he was scared that I would not have room for my wisdom... READ MORE

My Invisalign doesn't work and my diastema keeps appearing. What should I do next?

I got my braces removed a week back and got my retainers four days back..during my treatment I developed mid line diastema..my dentist tried using... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Invisalign or Invisalign Express (5 or 10)? (Photo)

I have crowding in the front lower teeth, diastema between the maxillary central incisors, and rotation of the left maxillary lateral incisor. Thank... READ MORE

What is the best course of action for my diastema? (photos)

I have a diastema between my two front teeth. I believe it is approx. 1.5mm-2mm wide. I would like to avoid traditional braces as a first year... READ MORE

Invisalign Express candidate? (Photo)

Am I a candidate for Invisalign Express, or is my diastema too large? What might the cost be in Pittsburgh, PA? Past procedures: crowns 4 to 4 (part... READ MORE

What options do I have if I wanted to close my diastema for good? Does Invisalign work ? (Photo)

I've always has a mild diastema and wanted to get braces as a child , my dentist says I Dont need them but I also feel my other teeth could use some... READ MORE

I have a question about my diastema. I had a diastema that I liked, because it was symmetrical. Any suggestions? (photos)

However, in the last 5-6 years, my right front tooth has slanted more.The gap between the front two teeth as increased in width. The left tooth... READ MORE

Do I need to wear a retainer when I have a bonded wire retainer?

I started Invisalign treatment in February 2013 because of a large gap between my two front teeth. Other than that my teeth were relatively straight.... READ MORE

What are the consequences of not fixing a functional posterior unilateral crossbite in an adult male?

I'm currently in refinement with Invisalign. My primary concern when starting treatment was to correct disastema for cosmetic reasons and to achieve... READ MORE

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