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Dentist vs Orthodontist for Invisalign?

I bought a "Groupon" for invisalign treatment to save money, but the catch is I have to choose 1 out of 4 providers. I searched the dentists... READ MORE

Unhappy with Invisalign Provider - Can I Switch Dentists?

I have been waiting over 2 months for new trays because the others did not fit properly after tray 7 (due to plastic being to high not lack of wearing... READ MORE

Canadian Dentist Vs. Orthodontist for Invisalign

Should i go with an orthodontist who has a lot of experience with invisalign or a general dentist who has done only 50 patients? the general dentist... READ MORE

Can I Change Dentists While I'm Using Invisalign?

I have 9 U-aligner. I was supposed to have IPR in 4 places as prescribed at Align Technologies. However, my dentist forgot to do it. After wearing my... READ MORE

Invisalign Treament Transfer

I got an invisalign treatmeant in a country where I was staying for a while. But now I am moving to another country because of my job. My treatment is... READ MORE

Elite Status Provider Othodontist Vs General Dentist for Invisalign

How much more can an elite status provider charge for Invisalign because they have earned this status? There are two elite providers in downtown... READ MORE

What Forms, Ff Any, Need to Be Filled out to Transfer Invisalign Records to Another Dentist?

Do I need to fill out any specific forms to transfer invisalign records. Also what if I can't get in touch(more like don't want to call... READ MORE

Transferring Invisalign case -- only left with Vivera retainers that I had paid for years ago. Can I transfer the case?

I just moved from NYC to SF and will complete my full invisalign course in 8 weeks' time. However, I paid up front for vivera retainers with my... READ MORE

Can Invisalign treatment be transferred to another dentist?

I have just started invisalign with a dentist. I am on set 1 of 33. However I am not happy with how I have been treated so far. Can I transfer my... READ MORE

Is a cosmetic dentist more like a dentist or orthodontist?

I knew the difference between an orthodontist and dentist, but now I'm seeing the term cosmetic dentist and I'm confused! Is a cosmetic dentist more... READ MORE

Had my invisalign treatment for about 3 years now I have 3 months left approx and my dentist wants to stop my treatment?

I have had my invisalign for about 3 years roughly i have to be honest i have been very inconsistent due to traveling so much since due to sports... READ MORE

Should I transfer from a dentist to an orthodontist or give up on correcting my teeth? I have my box of all 25 trays (Photo)

I'm 36 and a month into treatment with a dentist. After sharing concerns I was offered a refund (minus lab fee). I now have all 25 trays. Notice the... READ MORE

Lost bottom tray 9 of Invisalign on day 6 - is it okay to advance to tray 10? Can I wear 9 on the top and 10 on the bottom?

My program is 14 trays- more than halfway though and have had no issues with tracking so far. Currently on tray 9, but last night (Day 6) I lost only... READ MORE

Is it really worth paying the extra for a highly recommended dentist for Invisalign?

I don't mean to sound rude, and I may be wrong but the process for the Invisalign fitting seems pretty easy, take an impression and send it away for... READ MORE

I have been on Invisalign for less than a year and have some questions about IPR. My dentist may have forgotten about doing it.

My dentist briefly talked about IPR during the beginning invisalign process but after all this time, there hasn't been any discussion about it. It... READ MORE

Do I need Invisalign before veneers? (Photos)

I would like to get 6 top veneers to replace lost vertical length, 2 for the bottom middle teeth to replace yellowing chipped bonding and an implant.... READ MORE

Can you switch dentists in the retainer phase of your Invisalign treatment?

I've already finished my Invisalign trays and have started with the retainers. I was wondering if I could switch dentists at this point? READ MORE

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