Crowded Teeth + Invisalign

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Invisalign for Bottom Teeth Only?

Can I get Invisalign just for the bottom teeth for overcrowding? How much will it cost (I live in NYC)? READ MORE

Does Invisalign Work on Crowded Teeth?

Teeth are not bad, just crowded and would like to get an idea of how long it might take and how much it will cost compared to regular braces. Thank you. READ MORE

How Long to Wear Invisalign for Crowded Teeth?

How long do you have to wear Invisalign? My teeth are very crowded and I wanted crowns, but they say that's too expensive. They said I should wear... READ MORE

Do the Rubber Bands and Invisalign Work for Correcting the Bite?

My daughter is 15 and needs braces. According to reports she has 4mm of upper crowding and about the right amount of space for the teeth in the lower... READ MORE

Is It Required That Teeth Are Shaved to Correct Crowding with Invisalign? Can Teeth Not Be Shaved with Invisalign?

My family dentist no longer does invisalign and recommended traditional braces. He actually told me that teeth had to be shaved for invisalign and... READ MORE

What's the Best Option for Extremely Crowded Teeth?

Including "fang" looking teeth on top. 50yr female. Dont think braces will be the answer since I have seen teeth becoming crooked again in... READ MORE

Will Crowded Teeth Need Pulling Before Invisalign?

My bottom teeth are pretty crowded. Would I have to get them pulled for Invisalign? READ MORE

Is Invisalign Worth Having Done when in Your 50's?

I have always had crowding, crooked & discolored teeth. Had a lot of dental work done about 15 yrs ago. I'd like to keep my teeth as long as I... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix my Crowded Lower Teeth? (photo)

My wisdom teeth have just started coming in and my lower teeth are starting to get crowded. Could they be corrected with invisalign and also how long... READ MORE

Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed Before Invisalign?

Since none of my wisdom teeth has erupted yet, I would rather wait before removing them. One of them is growing at an angle and it is pushing towards... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work for Crowded Teeth / Snaggletooth?

I am 16 and i have crowded teeth, but only in the front of my mouth.& i also have a weird snaggletooth-which is why i am fearful the product wont... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Solve Problem of Crowded Teeth and V Shaped Arch?

Hello! I'm 19 years old and have three problems; 1 - my upper teeth are quite crowded, 2 - the arch of my upper teeth is shaped in like a... READ MORE

Invisalign for Misaligned Tooth?

I have just had an Invisalign consultation to fix overcrowding. My main concern is one overcrowded tooth which sticks out. The orthodontist told me... READ MORE

Should Impacted Wisdom Tooth Be Pulled Before Invisalign?

I have one wisdom tooth that is fully grown sideways underneath my gums on the bottom left. I have some crowding on the bottom center. I would like to... READ MORE

Invisalign or Veneers?

I have some slight crowding of teeth at the front of my mouth that I would like straightened out. I spoke with my orthodontist (he's also a... READ MORE

How Does Invisalign Correct an Overbite?

I am currently 27 years old. As a teenager I saw (fairly regularly) an orthodontist. At that time he recommended braces and headgear to straighten my... READ MORE

Invisalign or Braces for Crowded and Crooked Teeth?

My teeth are crooked and have crowding issues, but they're not extremely bad. Taking into consideration the cost, pain and side effects, which is... READ MORE

Is it normal for your teeth to feel very loose while using Invisalign?

Is it normal for your teeth to be loose enough to move with your finger with little pressure while using Invisalign? I am referring to my very crowded... READ MORE

I Have a Rather Large Overbite with Crowded Lower Teeth. Would I Be a Good Candidate for Invisalign? (photo)

I understand that the overbite will probably not be able to be eliminated. This is something I can live with. My priority is the bottom front teeth,... READ MORE

So depressed after getting Invisalign today--attachments are obvious?

I am very frustrated and sad right now.  I had braces when I was a teenager and from not wearing a retainer, my lower jaw crowded.  I opted... READ MORE

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