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Should Invisalign Aligners Fully Cover Each Tooth? (photo)

I'm on my first set of aligners and I noticed that for my snaggle tooth, the plastic covers less than half of the front of the tooth (see pic). It's... READ MORE

I just got Invisalign and none of my trays cover my upper right back molar, is this okay?

My aligners cover all of my teeth except for the upper right molar, which is left uncovered. My dentist said this was due to a discrepancy in the... READ MORE

Can Humana Insurance cover Invisalign?

I have been noticing that my teeth in the front are slightly overlapping and that I have a tooth on the side that sticks out unlike the others. I... READ MORE

What does medical aid cover on Braces?

Hi just wandering what all Medical covers like getting teeth straight i been trying since was a kid to get the as i have a bottom tooth thats... READ MORE

Invisalign tray is only half way over my teeth. It doesn't fully cover my teeth. Will it still keep my teeth straight?

I had sore gums , it was being irriatated from my invisalign tray so i went to the orthodontist. He decided to cut a big portion of the top and bottom... READ MORE

Invisalign not completely covering tooth (Photo)

I have been using Invisalign for awhile (this is my ninth aligner of 15), but this one tooth does not seem to fit as well as the others. My... READ MORE

Does Americhoice Cover Invisalign?

I have really weird teeth, and i dont even smile, if i do its with my mouth shut. It makes me so self concious about the way i look. I can not afford... READ MORE

Will my Medicaid cover Invisalign?

Okay, so I used to have perfect teeth. But then all the sudden my wisdom teeth start started coming in, causing my teeth to twist and move forward,... READ MORE

How unusual is it for a patient to request that the orthodontist, NOT his techs, remove the attachments? Concerned about enamel.

I don't have confidence in my orthodontist's technician. While placing attachments, "spillage" of resin occurred to the degree that on some teeth,... READ MORE

How long will it take to correct my smile? With full adult dental coverage will there be any out of pocket costs? (photo)

I am 25 I have healthfirst platinum I'm in NYC...I have full adult dental coverage, will there be any out of pocket expenses for my invisalign... READ MORE

How much EXACTLY does my insurance cover for my Invisalign?

My invisalign treatment will cost $6500. My insurance will cover "50% with estimated benefit of $3250". There's also a "lifetime maximum of $1500". So... READ MORE

Will Invisalign be fully covered for me in this situation?

Long ago I got a filling in some of my back teeth. A few years after the filling, a tooth on my bottom row that was filled in suddenly started causing... READ MORE

The retainers only cover about half the height of the teeth, whereas the aligners used to cover the whole tooth. Is this normal?

Following 9 months of Invisalign treatment (18 aligners), I've just received my final retainers, however the height of the retainers is quite a bit... READ MORE

Is Invisalign covered within Husky B in Connecticut?

I am from CT and have Husky. Does my dental insurance from them cover invisalign? READ MORE

My maxillary 2nd molar (#2) is only partially covered by my Invisalign. Why is this ? Is this normal ?

I should have been done with my treatment , the orthodontist has now realized that that molar has a cross bite issue (the one that was only partially... READ MORE

Does Medicaid cover Invisalign?

Crowded and crooked teeth READ MORE

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