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How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

How much does Invisalign cost? Are there different Invisalign prices for the different stages of treatment? READ MORE

How Much Does Invisalign Express Cost for Only Upper Teeth?

In short: had braces from 4th-6th grade; teeth were fine up until 10th grade when they began to shift (mostly my two front teeth); I've gone to two... READ MORE

How Much Does Invisalign Teen Cost?

Is the price range about the same for Invisalign & Invisalign Teen? READ MORE

What's the Cost of Invisalign Replacement Tray?

If I lose a pair of trays while in the Invisalign adult program, how much does a replacement usually run? I know replacements are included in... READ MORE

Invisalign Price: Fee Before Dental Office Costs Are Added?

How much is the actual Invisalign fee without costs added in by the dental office? READ MORE

How Much Do Palate Expanders Cost and How Long Does a 20-year Old Have to Wear It For?

I bought a groupon for elite-provider invisalign treatment in Chicago. The ortho checked out my teeth and said I'm a candidate, but he said the... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Vivera Retainers over the Course of a Lifetime?

I'm being told that I will have to wear a retainer forever after my Invisalign treatment. If I'm meant to use a new one every 3 months for the rest... READ MORE

How Much Will Closing the Teeth Gaps with Invisalign Cost?

How much will it cost to close the gap between my front two teeth with Invisalign? I dont need bottom ones, and my teeth are straight except for the... READ MORE

Can I get new Invisalign retainers and how much do they cost?

I finished my express 10 Invisalign treatment. My dentist then asked for $500 to pay for retainers (the clear ones from Invisalign). He said I would... READ MORE

I Am Planning to Get Invisalign Braces from India During my Holiday and I Am Living in UK?

Will this work? Can I get all aligners at once and keep changing according to my dentist in India? I am attaching my teeth close up pik and my... READ MORE

How Much is an Average Cost for a Single Tooth Denture to Put in my Invisalign Tray?

Also my ortho did not suggest this so I figure she doesn't not order denture teeth. I don't think my family dentist does dentures either. What... READ MORE

How Much Should I Pay for a Set of 4 Vivera Retainers?

My doctor quoted me at $1100 which seems really high. Is this reasonable? If not, can I go to some other doctor to get them? Thanks. READ MORE

Possible to Stop with the Braces to Get Invisalign?

I am 19 years old owe 975 on my metal braces and I want to stop treatment and get Invisalign because I have already had this metal on for almost two... READ MORE

Do Invisalign Prices Vary from Dentist to Dentist?

I assume invisalign keeps prices pretty consistent from doctor to doctor.  is this the case, or should I shop around for good Invisalign deals? READ MORE

How to Make Payment Plans on Invisalign?

I saw someone on here say how expensive they were. I was just wondering if you could pay like 500 dollars down then 100 dollars monthly until you're... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Covered by Insurance?

I have Ucare. I have a gap between my front teeth and the teeth next to the front overlap slightly. All my other teeth are perfectly straight. How... READ MORE

Does the Invisalign Clincheck Video Cost Extra or Does It Come with Treatment?

Where the people said their Clincheck wasn't shown to them when they first received their Invisalign, but that the dentist said they would show it to... READ MORE

How Many Trays Are in a Set of Invisalign Full? And How Much Does a Full Set Cost on Average??

How Many Trays Are in a Set of Invisalign Full? And How Much Does a Full Set Cost on Average?? READ MORE

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