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How Long Does Each Appointment for Invisalign Last?

On average, how long does each visit to the dentist last for Invisalign? I'm hoping I'll be able to make appointments for 8 am before I go to... READ MORE

My Dentist Didn't Inform Me About Invisalign Express. I Believe I'm a Candidate. Should I Mention It?

For the top, I have 7 trays. For the bottom, I have 11 trays (I understand its over the limit of 10 trays). However, I feel a little ill-informed that... READ MORE

Will I Be Okay Doing Invisalign Without Palatal Expansion? (photo)

I saw a few orthodontists, some who wanted me to have a palatal expander. My current orthodontist said there was no need and I have proceeded with... READ MORE

Invisalign for Crowded and Fanged Teeth?

I'm getting married in June next year and I would like straight teeth for my pictures and for the rest of my life! I have pretty crowded bottom... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Do Consultation and Impressions on the Same Day for Invisalign?

Hi, i have been waiting to get invisalign for a long time and i couldnt due to financial problems. But now, I have enough to afford invisalign. I was... READ MORE

Does Need for a Frenectomy Disqualify Me from Invisalign?

I was told multiple things by different dentists and I don't know which is true. I was told that: 1) I can't use Invisalign because my top,... READ MORE

Invisalign Express for Teeth Gaps

I recently had an Invisalign consultation. I was told that I would be an express case and would require 9 trays on the top and bottom. The clincheck... READ MORE

OK to Get Invisalign out of State While in College?

Im currently in california but in fall 2010 i plan on going to university of arizona. As a present my parents wanted to get me the invisalign in... READ MORE

Invisalign or traditional braces? (photo)

I am a 32 year old female and I want straight teeth. Had 2 consults so far - 1 doctor said that I'll get excellent results in 10-12 months with... READ MORE

My Upper Teeth Are Really Crooked, Invisalign or Braces? (photo)

My upper teeth are really crooked and I have so far asked for consultation in 2 places. One orthodontist says that invisalign will work for me while... READ MORE

How long do you expect Invisalign (with AcceleDent) to take for my case? (Photo)

I am planning to have a consultation for sure, and also planning to get AcceleDent if I can afford it. I just want to get opinions on how my case is... READ MORE

Is $1500 a fair amount to charge a patient who canceled the AM after she had any conversations about Invisalign + impressions?

After routine cleaning,he took ~1hr to check my teeth + impressions.I canceled the AM after via phone + came in personally that same AM for a... READ MORE

Can invisalign further correct and overject/overbite? Not fond of the simulation outcome...

I have a case of overjet/overbite and went to consult an orthodontist. I just got the simulation outcomes today and am not fond of the outcome. There... READ MORE

How would you fix my crooked teeth - 40 year old female? (photos)

Am I a suitable candidate for Invisalign or would traditional braces be a better option. What about Damon?Have had a quick consultation with ortho who... READ MORE

Can I get Invisalign? (photos)

I am 27 years old, and in the corporate world. As a guy at my age I feel very ashamed of my teeth. Its hard to even smile. I have a consultation in a... READ MORE

Would Invisalign work on my type of teeth?

Hello!Im 15 years old and am going to go have a consultation for invaslign in November. Ive been looking at the reviews and seem mostly positive, but... READ MORE

Invisalign or veneers? (Photo)

I'm interested in getting a consultation to fix my smile. My teeth are crooked on one side what causes this? And my two front teeth are slightly out... READ MORE

Should I trust an Invisalign groupon deal?

I recently purchased a groupon deal for half off Invisalign. I even set up a consultation & everything seemed ok. The dentist wanted the money upfront... READ MORE

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