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Can You Use Invisalign on the Top Teeth and Metal Braces on the Lower Teeth Together?

13 months of Invisalign but my lower teeth are still not straight. My lower teeth still have crowding and one of my cylinder teeth needs to be rotated... READ MORE

Crown Came off While Making Invisalign Molds - Will That Happen with Trays?

Yesterday I had my molds for Invisalign done. I have a crown on the upper left molar (tooth next to the wisdom...wisdom tooth was pulled years ago).... READ MORE

Can Invislign Treatment Combined with TMJ Treatment Help?

Can these treatment help reduce my misaligned jaw pain, straighten my teeth, and resposition my jaws back to place. My orthodontist said it will. The... READ MORE

Should I get Invisalign, Veneers, Palate Expansion Surgery or a combination off all/some treatments? (photos)

My mouth is small. Very small! When I was younger my dentist & orthodontist agreed upon pulling my upper canine teeth instead of using an expander to... READ MORE

Invisalign, braces, surgery (or some combination)? (Photo)

I have slanted upper teeth and a very crooked face. I wanted to know if I seemed like a good candidate for Invisalign. I also wanted to know if it... READ MORE

Can you switch between transitional braces and invisaligns? What makes one a candidate of invisaligns?

Hi. I've been wearing traditional braces but they are not finishing my teeth the way I feel they should, with the right bite on both sides. I do use... READ MORE

Does invisalign and braces combination treatment work for moderate crowding/overbite issue with teeth taken out?

I had metal braces for 2 years when I was 20 without having any teeth taken out, but it didn't improve much, so I'm thinking of doing it again. For my... READ MORE

Can IPR combined with Invisalign solve my crowding? (Photo)

Would IPR provide sufficient room for my canine tooth to come down or would I need an extraction? READ MORE

How long would it take to close an extraction gap with a combination of braces and Invisalign?

After my 4 extractions braces were only put on the sides (since I am conscious about braces) and the only spot that did not have braces were my front... READ MORE

Can I safely skip tray 4 due to packing error with Invisalign?

Hello. Today I am due to change from tray 3 to 4. I just opened the package supposedly containing tray 4, only to find the upper tray is actually... READ MORE

Invisalign with Implant for missing teeth necessary?

When I got my braces many yrs ago,one of my top tooth and two of my bottom teeth got removed because the technology was lacking.Now that I decided to... READ MORE

Invisalign with Acceledent (concerned about root resorption). Any suggestions?

I started Invisalign (32 trays) and just started tray 5 with attachments. My orthodontist had me wear the first four trays for 10 days each using... READ MORE

Invisalign question. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have been wearing Invisalign since the first week of December 2015 in combination with Acceledent. Everything has been going really well, but today... READ MORE

Which first: Invisalign, Lip Fillers or Facelift? Can I do them all in a short period?

I'm a 33-year old healthy, normal-weight female. I would like to get a smile makeover with Invisalign i7 and a few veneers. I would also like to get a... READ MORE

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