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How Long Will It Take to Close a Gap Between Teeth of About 0,06 Inch (1,5 Mm)?

I have a gap of about 0,06 inch (1,5 mm) between my two front teeth. If I'll get a brace or invisalign or the like, how long will it approximately... READ MORE

Is it normal that my mouth doesn't close full?

Hi  I just got my first tray and after being fitted I can't seem to fully bite down.  is this suppose to happen?    As you can see... READ MORE

Should I use Invisalign or dental bonding to close the gap between my front teeth?

I understand that with invisalign I will have to wear a retainer as long as I want to keep the gap closed, while bonding may have to be replaced but I... READ MORE

Can I get Invisalign with veneers to close a gap I used veneers to cover up?

I have veneers on my 4 front teeth the fangs and the the 2 with front ones that have to actual gap is it possible to use Invisalign to close the gap... READ MORE

What treatment options would you recommend for closing space of upper second premolar? (photos)

I lost my left upper second premolar (completely extracted) on 6 Jan 2015. My orthodontist suggested Invisalign for 5 months then an implant, after... READ MORE

Invisalign comparison: straight vs curved(Mine). Is this normal after closing gaps using Invisalign? (photos)

This is the end results of my teeth after 39 trays with buttons. Is there something very wrong here? READ MORE

Looking for estimated guess answer on closure. Any suggestions? (photos)

Got 2 gaps (tiny little one between the middle of both center teeth and the noticeable one on the right side of my mouth. Ortho says the plan is to... READ MORE

I started sucking my thumb on and off since I was two. Can Invisalign close my open bite? (photo)

I suck my thumb all night while I sleep some night, throughout I don't cause it's embarrassing now so I stopped. I was wondering will Invisalign work... READ MORE

Missing a tooth. Want to get Invisalign. Would you recommend closing the space instead of putting an implant?

I am missing a tooth on the bottom back right side. its the second to last one. i want to get invisalign. would you recommend to close the space... READ MORE

Can an Inman aligner close my gap? (photos)

I have a dentist appointment soon and I want to get an Inman aligner but can it close my gap? READ MORE

How long should Invisalign take to close my gaps? (photos)

I have gaps on my upper and lower teeth and just got my invisalign trays this past week. I was pretty disappointed when my orthodontist told me I'm... READ MORE

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