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Invisalign - Clear Buttons?

I Just Got Invisalign.  All Advertisement Shows Completely Clear Trays. I was upset that my doctor put all these white colored buttons on my... READ MORE

Does clear aligner(similar to invisalign) suits me? Extract or non extraction (takin into consideration of facial profile)

Due to my job and age,doc suggested clear aligner instead of braces. 1)doc says by using clear aligner there is a possibility of not able to fully... READ MORE

Dental Tourism! I want Invisalign, Lumineers or Braces at a low cost. I'm willing to travel as long as I get quality work!

I would like to close my gaps with Lumineers, braces or Invisalign (which ever is the best fit). 1.) My main concern is if I get metal or clear braces... READ MORE

Clear braces vs invisalign

I'm debating clear braces and invisalign. I'm afraid that you can take out invisalign that I might forget. Or that my teeth will not line up and stay... READ MORE

Why isn't my Invisalign indicator turning clear? Is there anything I can do to make it turn clear?

I wear invisalign teen and it has an indicator that shows the orthodontist that I've worn my invisalign for a certain amount of time. The thing is, my... READ MORE

Clear aligners/Invisalign for underbite relapse. (photos)

I had braces to correct spacing and an underbite about 15 years ago. After losing my retainer my teeth have shifted and I want to avoid getting braces... READ MORE

Which is the best option for me when it comes to clear aligners in Mumbai? (photo)

Hello, am 25 years old, had steel braces when I was 14 but unfortunately my teeth still need some alignment. I am a model and can't really have... READ MORE

Clear Invisalign buttons

I just got Invisalign and have 17 attachments Whig match my teeth vey well. They put 4 silver buttons on my teeth to attach elastics to. Is there not... READ MORE

Would Invisalign or Empower clear braces be best? I have high canine (eye tooth) and molar extraction on my bottom tooth (Photo)

Thank you in advance for helping me, After fillings, extractions & a root canal its finally time to work on a nice smile. I have been given the option... READ MORE

Risk of root reabsorption with Invisalign? (Photo)

I am considering getting invaslign braces as previously I have been told I wan at high risk of root reabsorption with normal braces. Is the risk as... READ MORE

Should I get Invisalign or go for clear ceramic braces?

My orthodontist said I only need minor changes to straighten my teeth. So she suggested either Invisalign or braces (I would go for clear ceramic... READ MORE

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