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With Invisalign, is It Okay to Drink Liquids Other Than Water?

This is just my 2nd day with Invisalign. The little bit of discomfort is going away. I was told to ONLY drink water when the braces are in, due to... READ MORE

Invisalign: How to Eat when Can't Brush Right Away?

Can a person use invisalign if they cannot always brush right after eating? Running water is not always available during the day at worksites -- could... READ MORE

How do I get the yellow stains out of my Invisalign aligners? (Photo)

How can I clean my Invisalign aligners? I ate a spoonfull of curry forgetting that I had my aligners in it has stained them quiet abit, I didn't... READ MORE

How Can I Clean Invisalign?

I been looking this up for many weeks, and my invisalign "trays" have a foul smell and I began to see white "blobs" on them. I... READ MORE

Is $6000 Worth It for a Cross Bite on One Side and Fix Bottom Front Teeth (Slightly Crooked)?

The title pretty much explains it... I was quoted $6000. I have a cross bite on the left side of the jaw and my front bottom teeth (4 of them) are... READ MORE

Dental Cleaning After Invisalign?

I am getting Invisalign on Tuesday. My dentist called me yesterday, and I have an appointment to get my teeth cleaned on Thursday. I have to get 12... READ MORE

Travelling Overseas While Wearing Invisalign?

My husband and I want to take a 3 week vacation to Europe. I've been wearing Invisalign for 8 months and have another 3-4 months left, then 6 months+... READ MORE

Is it a huge deal if I can't floss and brush my teeth after every meal with Invisalign?

I always brush my teeth and floss after every breakfast and dinner. However, the problem is during lunch at work. I'm usually rushed with time at... READ MORE

Prophylaxis During Invisalign?

Can I have regular teeth cleaning by my dentist while also having Invisalign treatment? READ MORE

Is it okay to clean my Invisalign aligners with Fresh guard? If not what can I clean them with?

I will be getting my alighners next week. What can I do to keep them clean? Thanks:) so excited, any tips? READ MORE

Can the Removal of Lots of Tartar on my Teeth Affect How Effectively my Invisalign Works?

I went to the dentist after 2 years of not going, and was told I had lots of tartar build-up. Once I was done, the tartar is no longer there. Will my... READ MORE

Are my Invisalign buttons/attachments the only ones to stain?

My buttons/attachments are staining and are really embarrasssing. Hoping that at my normal cleaning it can remove the staining but worried it won't.... READ MORE

Can you get tooth decay under an Invisalign attachment if teeth were not cleaned properly?

I got 22 attachments recently, Just before the appointment I absentmindedly ate a sugary snack. I brushed my teeth very briefly afterwards before... READ MORE

Is dental cleaning frequency necessary?

My husband received his first set of Invisalign trays this morning and was told at that time he now needs to visit every 3 months for a cleaning... READ MORE

Gray tooth color after 11 months of Invisalign even though I've been conscientious about wearing, cleaning, and dental checks.

Hi, I am 67 and have been using invisalign for 11 months. I have been conscientious about wearing, cleaning, and dental checks. Everything seems to... READ MORE

Saliva Bubbles in Invisalign Everytime I Take Them off Do I Have to Rinse Them Everything or Do I Just Pop Them In?

I clean ny invisalign morning and night with whiting Listerine and water and I'm so happy because they have, never smelled i never seen food residue... READ MORE

How do I clean my teeth when I'm away from home with Invisalign? (photos)

I'm starting invisalign in a few days, and I'm wondering how should clean my teeth when I'm eating away from home? If I'm on a road trip, am I... READ MORE

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