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How Can Cost for Invisalign Teen Be Reduced?

Hi! I'm between the age of 13-15, and me and my mom were thinking of getting this treatment, instead of dealing with the hassle of wearing... READ MORE

Invisalign or veneers? (photos)

I am interested in getting Invisalign or veneers and would like to know what is best. My dentist told me my jaw is really small and I have big teeth.... READ MORE

How bad is my overjet?I have little to no money for cosmetic work as they could be very expensive is there a cheaper way?(photo)

My mother suffers or used to suffer from overjet with a gap she fixed her problem by getting dentures however I do not want dentures I want to fix my... READ MORE

Best and cheapest way to correct my smile? (photos)

I'm currently on invisalign and it's very frustrating. I know my case is difficult but every time I get to the 10th set of trays I have to rescan... READ MORE

I'd like to straighten my teeth, however the orthodontist I saw said my teeth aren't as bad, that I'd just get retainers (photo)

I'd like to straighten my teeth, especially the bottom teeth, because I had braces about three years ago, and my retainers were thrown out. Because I... READ MORE

One of my tray sets came with only one tray and it was a lot more flimsy. Any suggestions?

I opened the package and instead of having two in each i had one and it was alot cheaper looking and a plastic that i could bend with my pinkie READ MORE

Previous Invisalign client...options? Teeth have regressed.

I had Invisalign done 8-9 years ago. I wore the retainers for a long time. However now I have two teeth that have regressed to their old spot. And... READ MORE

Looking into getting Invisalign (invisible braces). Need help. (Photos)

My teeth aren't in bad shape necessarily, but they are one of my biggest insecurities. I've wanted. Races since I was little but my parents couldn't... READ MORE

I am planning to visit India in 2 months from now. Is it a good idea to get invisalign during my trip there?

I live in Canada right now. My current dentist said that the total cost will be about $5000-6000 so im hoping India will be a little cheaper. So is it... READ MORE

Can I get Invisalign for just my top teeth?

I had braces when I was younger & I am now 21, one of my top front teeth have started to flip upwards as it use to I'm very worried it'll go all... READ MORE

Can I get invisalign if I extract last bottom left tooth?

It was determined by a dentist in need of root canal but I was thinking about extracting it instead since it's cheaper, I'm trying to get invisalign.... READ MORE

I have front tooth on op of the other. How to fix it? (photos)

My concern is my right front tooth that is going on top of my other tooth so when i smile they dont look even in any angle. i have tried braces but i... READ MORE

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