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Would changing Invisalign weekly effect the overall goal?

My orthodontist, who I have already scheduled my Invisalign with, said that he did things a little differently than others in that he does smaller... READ MORE

My doctor told me to change my aligners every 7 days. Isn't this too fast?

I started my Invisalign treatment yesterday. I have 38 trays to complete. The orthodontist group I see is a Top 1% provider. They recommend their... READ MORE

Can I change Invisalign trays early?

I lost my current tray today and went ahead and put in the one after it. Yes, there is pain especially in my back teeth but I mean but that's how it's... READ MORE

My dentist told me to change Invisalign every 10 days. Will it be as much effective?

Hi I have been doing invisalign for 3 months, I just put on my trays N7. I have really good progress. I went to an appointment today and my dentist... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Invisalign Plan with Attachments After Receiving the Trays?

Promised no attachments on my front teeth but when my trays arrived w/ attachments she said she thought I only wanted "less" attachments. Told me to... READ MORE

Invisalign - I have been told I can change my tray every week.

So I am on Invisalign, and I just started my 6th Tray out of 26. I have been on a 2 week system, as normal. My orthodontist said my teeth are moving... READ MORE

How Much Money Does It Cost to Switch from Invisalign to Metal Braces?

I asked about switching earlier and got that question answered. But I was just wondering, what would it roughly cost to switch from invisalign to... READ MORE

Can I Move to Invisalign Express?

I'm on aligner #8 (5th month) and have 19 aligners to go. Because I initally wanted to correct minor crowding on my bottom teeth, I was shocked to... READ MORE

Switching orthodontists for Vivera retainers and follow-up on invisilign treatments?

I am not very happy with my current orthodontist, because he spends only five seconds for each of my Invisilign visits. I am now officially finished... READ MORE

Invisalign changing face shape?

In what cases can straightening your teeth with Invisalign change the shape of your face? I've read about some cases causing a persons chin to stick... READ MORE

Can I change Invisalign tray HALF a day early?

I change trays at 12pm so is it ok to change at midnight instead? That way I wear it at night at first? Or does the last 12 hours still affects teeth? READ MORE

Changing Invisalign tray every 10 days instead of 14?

I am currently starting my 1st tray out of 15 invisalign. My dentist said that if I use the chewies 30mins a day to exercise my teeth I can change... READ MORE

Do I change my trays the night before or the day of?

I am halfway through my first Invisalign trays. I started wearing them last Friday afternoon, and I diligently keep them in for 22 hours a day. What I... READ MORE

Ortho wants me to switch Invisalign trays every 7 days?

My ortho wants me to switch my aligner trays every 7 days. I've read that most people recommend 2 weeks and that going faster can cause loose tooth... READ MORE

Can I Change Invisalign Mid-treatment?

Hi. In a few months I'll be moving permanently in the US (I'm from France), but I already started my Invisalign treatment. I know I can change doctor,... READ MORE

How often should my Invisalign trays be changed?

The manager of the clinic showed me how the Invisalign would work for my teeth and told me it was made it so that I have 52 aligners and I would be... READ MORE

I stopped my Invisalign treatment. Can the root change its shape and length on its own? (Photo)

Hi doctors, The X ray on the left was taken in 2012-09 when I was still in invisalign treatment. The one on the right was taken in 2014-08. I stopped... READ MORE

Can invisalign treatment be reversed?

Invisalign has changed my face shape alot and i dont feel like my self on my 7th tray right now. Can i wear them in reverse to get my old... READ MORE

Face change during Invisalign treatment. How long will it take for it to go back if I stop now?

Ok so ive been on invisalign treatment for about 5 months now to close the gaps and fix my bite but recently ive noticed that my face shape is... READ MORE

I am using the "Propel vPro5" for 10min/day. Is it safe for me to change my Invisalign trays once every 7 days?

I was told that using the vibration system helps with bone remineralization and instead of wearing each tray every two weeks, I can now change them... READ MORE

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