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Getting Cavities Filled While Wearing Invisalign

I have been wearing Invisalign for 6 months and have about 9 months remaining. I have been informed that I have some small cavities and my dentist... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause Cavaties Due to the Teeth Being Covered, Not Exposed to Saliva?

Salivia being essential to keeping teeth clean, are teeth more apt to get cavaties or stains when being covered all the time with invisalign? READ MORE

Is There a High Risk Of Cavities With Invisalign?

I'm going for my clincheck this week- but have come across postings dealing with the increased rate of cavities with invisalign. I'm starting... READ MORE

Single tooth pain with Invisalign. Wondering if I have a cavity, or a cracked tooth, or if it's just the aligners causing pain.

I am on tray 9. I have a really bad tooth pain on my last molar on the bottom left. It only hurts when I chew on it and its really excruciating. To... READ MORE

Will I Be Okay to Wait Until my Treatment is over to Get Cavities Filled, As my Orthodontist Says?

Because of feeling no pain,and b/c last dentist check up i had years ago came back clear,i went to ortho first.Got my digital images done and made... READ MORE

Very worried about getting cavities with invisalign, any tips?

So, I have invisalign and am very worried about getting cavities. I brush and floss after every meal, APART from lunch. I do, however, chew gum, and... READ MORE

Can I Get a Filling After I've Received my Invisalign Aligners?

Can i still get a filling on the side of my moler? i already got my aligners but now i found out i have cavity on the side of moler. Can i still get a... READ MORE

Cavities after Invisalign?

Do most people get cavities after or during Invisalign treatment? I am very concerned about this as I have never had a cavity. I only take my... READ MORE

Can an Orthodontist start Invisalign on me if I have a large cavity?

I'm 16 years old, and I have an invisalign teen consult with an ortho tomorrow. I have a pretty simple underbite, and some crookedness. I have one... READ MORE

Propel Orthodontics.. Truthful response about the pain level of the Accelerator treatment and speed of the Vpro5 alone. (photo)

I'm on tray 1/33 of Invisalign, predicted treatment time: 18-22 months. What are the actual statistics for JUST the Propel Vpro5 as opposed to the... READ MORE

Does IPR during Invisalign treatment lead to increased cavities due to the protective enamel being removed during IPR?

I recently started my Invisalign treatment and was told by my dentist that I would eventually need IPR. However, I have seen on several websites... READ MORE

Is this decay/cavity or stain? (Photos)

So just over a month ago I had a checkup and a clean and I had 3 cavitys which are all fixed. I've been doing Invisalign for 2 weeks now so I'm... READ MORE

What is on my tooth? Cavity? Something else?

3 months ago, I had all my silver fillings replaced w/ composites. A month ago, I had my teeth cleaned.. 2 weeks ago, I started my treatment w/... READ MORE

Before I Get my Mold for the Trays Should I Get Acouple Small Cavities Taken Care of Before? 18months of Liners They Said.

I think the fillings can wait as they don't bother nor hurt me and I prodict me cleaning and flossing my teeth 10times a day. READ MORE

Very sharp shooting pain since I got my second tray. What should I do?

I have very sharp shooting pain in one tooth! I put my second trays on last night when i had to change them! And it wasnt like this with my first set!... READ MORE

How long will I have to wear Invisialign? (Photo)

I am in the process of getting some cavities fixed and afterward I was thinking about getting Invisalign? I am in between dentist visits and I will... READ MORE

Can Listerine cause cavities?

My daughter had3 cavities when she began the invisilign process. She's only going on her 4th tray so I'm well aware that hygiene is also something... READ MORE

What is Causing Cavities if I Brush, Floss, Use Mouthwash, Etc As I'm Instructed to Do and Use Invisalign?

My dentist says I'm his best patient. I don't complain about how long invisalign is taking. I brush, floss, use mouthwash, etc as he instructed me to.... READ MORE

Cavity with Invisalign, what do I do?

I went to the dentist and got all cavities fixed up in April before getting my Invisalign (Early June), now I am noticing a dark spot on my right... READ MORE

What to do after cavity fillings with invisalign?

I'm currently on tray 23 of 41. I went to the dentist for a regular check up/clean up this morning. I find out I have two cavities on my last back... READ MORE

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