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Could Invisalign Fix my Open Bite From Thumb Sucking? (photo)

I am 17 years old. I am a boy. I sucked my thumb when i was younger until about 10 years old. I dont no if thats what caused it. The open bite started... READ MORE

I Wear Invisalign and I Have Nausea Almost Every Day and a Weird Feeling in my Face- Causes? (photo)

It's hard to describe the feeling, it is like a mix of pain and pressure right under my eyes and in my cheeks. I definitely have not felt the same... READ MORE

Does Anyone else Have Indentations on Their Teeth Caused by an Invisalign Tray?

I know that enamel is tough but I believe that the pressure of the tray on my tooth has caused an indentation on one of my front teeth which was... READ MORE

Posterior Open Bite from Bicuspids to Molars on Both Side Using Invisalign?

I have recently finished 2 refinements with invisalign, and then started feeling intense pain in my upper right jaw. I was diagnosed with TMJ and they... READ MORE

Upset stomach. Is it caused by invisalign?

My first week of invisalyn and my stomach is so upset and getting worse. I take them out just for relief READ MORE

My new top Invisalign tray doesn't match up with my attachment on one tooth. Will this fix itself?

I just started my last set of aligners and have realized that my attachment on one tooth doesn't fit into its spot on the top aligner (it's slightly... READ MORE

Does IPR during Invisalign treatment lead to increased cavities due to the protective enamel being removed during IPR?

I recently started my Invisalign treatment and was told by my dentist that I would eventually need IPR. However, I have seen on several websites... READ MORE

What causes people to quit for Invisalign?

Ihave heard that Invisalign works but adults frequently give up. READ MORE

Does Invasalign cause headaches?

Hi there. I am just completing week one of invasalign and have had incredible painful headaches this week. I am just curious if a side affect is a... READ MORE

What can I do for vertigo caused by Invisalign?

I have been using Invisalign for 2 years. I've had to stop a few times because of headaches and vertigo from the trays. I'm wondering if there is... READ MORE

Cause of bizarre tooth pain when eating soft foods?

I've been feeling pain in my three upper right rearmost molars while drinking and eating soft foods. Cool water is enough to cause sharp pain in these... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Cause More Problems to Teeth?

I am on tray 21/25 and I noticed that two lower teeth are spliting (up and down on tooth) and I am wondering if any dentist has come across this with... READ MORE

Can invisalign cause an abscess?

56 years old. On 12th tray. Never have had an abscess let alone a tooth ache. Lower back molar or molars with filling in it. Feel bump on lower gum... READ MORE

What is the cause and treatment for the sensation that the tip of your tongue is burned?

I have had Invisalign for 8 months. Recently I developed the sensation that the tip of my tongue is burned. What could be the cause and what are... READ MORE

Side of mouth cracked and split. Is it normal for Invisalign to cause this?

Hi, I am on tray 1/13 and after week one the side of my mouth/lips have cracked an split. Each time I remove my aligners my mouth splits again. I have... READ MORE

Can Invisalign cause TMJ problems?

Ever since beginning Invisalign, I have been experiencing neck tension, facial pain, headaches, and sometimes dizziness. Can Invisalign cause TMJ? Or... READ MORE

After removing tray 17, my jaw swelled. What do you think caused this sudden change?

Within minutes of removing my trays so I could eat, the right side of my face from under my ear, at the jaw hinge became stiff, my face and down to... READ MORE

What is causing my gum recession?

I've gotten opinions from 2 dentists. 1 believes it's a result of my edge to edge bite while another believes it's because of my tongue thrust problem... READ MORE

Invisalign - postponing IPR

Today I was scheduled to get attachments and IPR (tray #3). My orthodontist was on vacation and his colleague decided to postpone the IPR by 8 weeks... READ MORE

Can invisalign cause gum pain and sensitivity to cold on 1 tooth with attachment?

I am on tray 11 of 16 and over the past 2 days I have had EXTREME sensitivity to cold on 1 tooth near the gum. I went to the orthodontist today and he... READ MORE

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