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Do the Rubber Bands and Invisalign Work for Correcting the Bite?

My daughter is 15 and needs braces. According to reports she has 4mm of upper crowding and about the right amount of space for the teeth in the lower... READ MORE

Is It Possible for Patient with Gum Disease to Get Invisalign?

I'm considering Invisalign and one provider quoted £2300. My dentist is saying I have gum disease. I have had cleaning sessions done. The... READ MORE

Can I Get Invisalign if I'm Missing Teeth?

I Have Two Missing Teeth at the Back Will It Still Be Possible to Get Invisalign? READ MORE

I Have Severe Buck Teeth, Can Invisalign Fix Them?

I went to see an orthodontist a few years ago because I decided I wanted to do something about my teeth. The Dr said that I would need a surgery which... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Appropriate for Jaw Alignment Treatment?

I'm told my jaw is out of alignment and the dentist wants me to do Invisalign.  Will that help?  It will take all my savings but all I... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign if I Have a Dental Implant?

I want to get invisalign. I have a dental implant on my fourth tooth (counting back from my front one as well as including it in the number). I have... READ MORE

Is 59 Too Old for Invisalign?

I am 59 years old and recently retired from teaching.  I did not require braces as a teenager, but my teeth have become crowded as I have aged... READ MORE

Does Invisalign Take as Long as Braces and Does it Work as Well?

I really want to get Invisalign for my top teeth, but my mother doesn't want me to get Invisalign because I plan to go away for University next... READ MORE

Invisalign for Extreme Overcrowding and Overbite?

Would it work? Is it possible. I think I have extreme overcrowding and overbite (because of which my gums and teeth have become very unhealthy) Would... READ MORE

Rotate Canines, Will Invisalign Work?

I am currently having invisalign and after reading many posts on the internet I am very unsure on the outcome. My canines are really rotated. I have... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix my Slanted Front Teeth? (photo)

I've had braces before but they were unable to fix my top teeth.. They still slanted backwards. I want to try invisalign but I'm afraid theres not... READ MORE

Does Invisalign Work for People with Periodontal Disease?

I have periodontal disease. Am I a good candidate for Invsialign? READ MORE

Is Invisalign Right for Me? My Teeth Are Leaning Inward.

My teeth are straight but leaning just a bit inward, an orthodontics said that invisaligns would not correct them, but my dentist said it will. Who is... READ MORE

Age Limit for Invisalign?

What is the age limit for getting an Invisalign? What age is considered "too old" for this? READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work for Crowded Teeth / Snaggletooth?

I am 16 and i have crowded teeth, but only in the front of my mouth.& i also have a weird snaggletooth-which is why i am fearful the product wont... READ MORE

Will Medical Cover Invisalign and is It Ok to Get Invisalign While Pregnant?

I've been in need of braces since I was young but never had the money for it. I'm five months pregnant. Will being pregnant not let me get them? READ MORE

I Have One Crooked Tooth in Front on Top, Would Invisalign Help? (photo)

I really don't want to get a full mouth of metal braces for one tooth that isn't that bad. But, I also want to feel comfortable smiling for... READ MORE

Refinement is Needed After Invisalign. Should I Get Traditional Braces or More Trays? (photo)

I just finished my last set of invisalign trays today. My orthodontist told me that I need a refinement and gave me two options: get traditional... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix 100% Overbite?

I got an overbite problem, when i was at the orthondotics office he recommended aobut invisalign. i have never heard that before and it sounded like a... READ MORE

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