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I Want to Stop Invisalign Treatment After 2 Days. Can I Recoup Any of the Expense?

I was fitted with my first set of Invisalign trays 2 days ago, I want to stop the treatment. My dentist didn't inform me that I would have... READ MORE

Invisalign Attachments Keep Falling off, 3rd Time in 2 Weeks?

Within my first 2 weeks of Invisalign treatment, I have already went to my dentist 2 times (1st time 3 fell off) 2nd time (2 fell off). And now, I... READ MORE

Buttons on Invisalign Braces, Do They Come Off?

Just got invisalign braces on..i however am not happy with turnout! I was not told about these "button" that they have put all over my teeth... READ MORE

Can you use whitening strips/other while doing Invisilign?

I see this has been answered and the answer seems to be YES you can use whiting strips/other while doing invisilign. My question is: once those... READ MORE

When Are You Supposed to Get Your Bumpers Removed in the Invisalighn Treatment?

My orthodontist removed my bumpers when I still had 3 sets of trays left in my treatment. Now, when I wear the the trays I don't feel any movement... READ MORE

Is this a defect? If so, will they replace my trays?

I recently received invisalign. All of my trays for one specific tooth has an indention in it. I have 9 brackets so I know what they are and it's not... READ MORE

Invisalign retainer caused a gap in my teeth?

I got my invisalign brackets off a week early due to vacation and just wore my last tray an extra 2 weeks before my retainers came in. I wore them 22... READ MORE

Sensitivity after Invisalign attachment placed on tooth?

I got my attachments put on yesterday and they didn't really explain the process or the materials involved. One tooth has two attachments, one at the... READ MORE

What can be done for stubborn tooth after Invisalign? (photo)

I am done w all trays finally except 1 tooth needs to drop down a tad more. we've come to point where metal bracket put on w use of rubber bands to... READ MORE

I'm very concerned about my Invisalign brackets!

I eat about 5 meals a day and it's very hard to take off my Invisalign because of the brackets but my concern is if I keep taking it off will the... READ MORE

Follow-Up Question: Gaps between upper and lower inner teeth, after invisalign.

Dear doctors, I'm referring to my previous Q&A post, my gaps between inner teeth are bigger than 1mm and also two most-inner teeth are slightly... READ MORE

Can I get invisalign?

I had an impacted canine tooth and i had the procedure done to expose it and put a bracket on it. the bracket is attached to my braces by a chain. the... READ MORE

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