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Invisalign for Bottom Teeth Only?

Can I get Invisalign just for the bottom teeth for overcrowding? How much will it cost (I live in NYC)? READ MORE

Can Invisalign Fix my Crowded Lower Teeth? (photo)

My wisdom teeth have just started coming in and my lower teeth are starting to get crowded. Could they be corrected with invisalign and also how long... READ MORE

Gum bleeding with Invisalign?

I just got Invisalign and it's the forth day in, and my bottom left tooth by the gum is bleeding a little , is it normal to have minor bleeding ? READ MORE

I'm Getting the Radiance Clear Braces in a Couple Months. How Bad is It to Get Them on the Top and Bottom? (photo)

I don't want any metal braces in my mouth at all! I've included a picture of my teeth to give an idea of how my bite is as I know this is what... READ MORE

Does Invisalign Work to Shorten Bottom Front Teeth? If So, How?

After 25 years of wearing an upper partial, I am finally getting implants. But my dentist told me that over the years my four bottom incisors have... READ MORE

Should the Cost Be Less if I'm Only Getting Bottom Teeth Done with Invisalign?

I noticked that the average cost of Invisalign is $4668. I live in the Northeast and I'm getting only the bottom done. My dentist is charging me $4500... READ MORE

After 12 Trays of Invisalign My Lower Teeth Still Seem Crooked, But I Need a Second Opinion. (photo)

Hello, I had 12 aligners, and after the 12th one my downside teeth looks like on the picture. I need to know is this is ok or they are need to be... READ MORE

Will Invisalign work for my very crowded and crooked bottom teeth? (photo)

My top teeth are alright, but my bottom teeth are very crowded and crooked. Will using Invisalign help straighten my teeth at all or is it better to... READ MORE

Bone Loss and invisalign. Am I a good candidate?

Dear Doctors: My dentist recommended me for invisalign. He did the exam and x ray and said I'm a good candidate, healthy gum and no periodontal... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Work for my Crowded Lower Teeth? (photo)

My lower front teeth are crowded, not having enough space, but I didn't want to put on metallic braces so I started invisalign with an experienced... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Close Lower Molar Extraction Space?

More than 20 years after my lower right first molar has been removed, I've decided to fix it. The situation: 2nd and 3rd molar are tilt ed forward and... READ MORE

Realignment with Invisalign

I had braces about 15 years ago. Unfortunately soon after I got them off, I lost my bottom retainer. Because I was in college there was no way I was... READ MORE

Need a second opinion, dentist says I need Invisalign for receding gums totaling $5900 with insurance? (photos)

My receding gums are only on my bottom anterior teeth, and 2 posterior from each side on the bottom. He says I have an issue with overbite and I'll... READ MORE

Can I ask the Orthodontist to remove wire from bottom teeth and give me a new Invisalign or Vivera tray instead?

I had Invisalign system completed. Following completion, they immediately put wire on inside of bottom center 6 teeth. For the past 2 years, I have... READ MORE

Could Invisalign fix my slightly crowded teeth on the bottom? (photo)

I had braces about seven years ago and I still continue to wear both my retainers to bed every night. About a month ago I noticed my bottom teeth have... READ MORE

How is uneven bottom tooth heights addressed with Invisalign?

A few of my bottom teeth are uneven in height. How can invisalign push teeth down to make them all level heights ? And are buttons and/or elastics... READ MORE

Can you have metal braces on top and Invisalign on lower teeth?

Just curious. I don't have to get lower braces for another nine months, but, for both aesthetic and curiosity's sake, would that be allowed? Metal... READ MORE

Why is one side of my bottom invisalign tray not fitting tight?

The right side of my bottom invisalign tray, where my first and second molars are is quite loose. This is my very first tray and I can feel the tray... READ MORE

Are teeth movement while in Vivera retainers normal?

I have just started wearing Vivera retainers. The bottom tray does not snap in as easily as the top tray and takes some effort to get it in. There is... READ MORE

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