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Will Invisilign Widen my Smile Giving Me a Hollywood Smile, Even Though I Already Have Straight Teeth Due to Braces?

I had braces when I was in 5th grade and then got them off in 7th. I am now 18 years old and have straight teeth but I have a small mouth and a very... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Achieve a Bigger Jawline and Bigger Teeth with Invisalign? (photo)

I have soart of straight teeth but they are yellow. but i'm not worried about that... i was just wondering if i am able to acheive a bigger jawline... READ MORE

So I finished my Invisalign and my teeth are slanted, how do I fix that? (photos)

They go on a slant and some teeth are bigger than the others and my dentist won't do anything for it. READ MORE

Has anyone developed gaps that they did not have during treatment and do they close up ? Is the clincheck accurate? (photo)

I started Invisalign in Sept., I am at my tenth set and eight more to go. I Am angry because I have developed gaps on my front teeth. Staff member... READ MORE

Can Invisalign fix my crooked smile and widen my arch to give me a bigger smile? (photos)

I had braces 10 years ago . My teeth are prettt straight when you see them in person but in pictures they look slanted , I see the slight slant in the... READ MORE

Will Invisalign be effective? (photos)

Hello! I have an open bite and a crossbite and was wondering whether invisalign would still work for me? I used to have a severe crossbite but since... READ MORE

Is it possible for my smile to become bigger just with invisalign? (Photos)

Hi there, I'm after some advice on what I can do to widen my smile. I saw a doctor recommending arch expansion with invisalign but when I spoke to an... READ MORE

Would you recommend invisalign express or 6 month braces? Which would be better? (Photo)

Hi, I hate gaps and I would like to get my gap closed as it's getting bigger and bigger. My bite is perfect but my 2 front teeth protrude a little. READ MORE

Post Invisalign gaps

I have just finished my Invisalign treatment and have vivera retainers. The gaps between my front teeth seem to be getting bigger even though I had... READ MORE

Should my orthodontist fix my treatment with braces? Free of charge? (Photos)

I had invaslign for about 3 years now , I was left with spaces bottom back of teeth Which could of been closed with regular braces ? Orthodontist... READ MORE

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