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Invisalign vs Braces

I saw the invisalign video on tv and it made it seem it works like normal metal braces. Can someone explain the difference between invisalign and braces? READ MORE

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

How much does Invisalign cost? Are there different Invisalign prices for the different stages of treatment? READ MORE

How Long After Invisalign Do I Need a Retainer?

After invisalign would I have to wear a retainer forever? I have a gap and my front left tooth is crooked. Many people includeing my bf say that I... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Correct an Overbite?

Is Invisalign overbite correction possible? Can a person use Invisalign to correct an overbite? READ MORE

What Are Invisalign "Buttons" and Where Are They Attached.

I just got my x-rays, etc. yesterday. Can someone explain this attachments/buttons thing to me? That is not something I had been educated on... do... READ MORE

What Are the Pros and Cons of Invisalign Braces?

Considering braces or invisalign, but would like to know +/- of getting invisalign.  seems really expensive! READ MORE

Does Invisalign Work?

Before i spend thousands (ugh) I want to make sure Invisalign works as promised in the advertising. READ MORE

Invisalign for Bottom Teeth Only?

Can I get Invisalign just for the bottom teeth for overcrowding? How much will it cost (I live in NYC)? READ MORE

Does Invisalign Work on Crowded Teeth?

Teeth are not bad, just crowded and would like to get an idea of how long it might take and how much it will cost compared to regular braces. Thank you. READ MORE

How Long Will It Take to Close a Gap Between Teeth of About 0,06 Inch (1,5 Mm)?

I have a gap of about 0,06 inch (1,5 mm) between my two front teeth. If I'll get a brace or invisalign or the like, how long will it approximately... READ MORE

Will my Insurance Cover Invisalign?

Currently wearing what's called a space maintainer...  not sure why ( they didn't really explain) just want straighter teeth. Can Invisalign be... READ MORE

Can Invisalign Close my Gap?

I have a gap in my two front teeth that is about a quarter of an inch wide.  Would invisalign work for me? READ MORE

How Does Invisalign Express Work?

What is Invisalign Express and how does Invisalign Express work? READ MORE

How Much Does Invisalign Express Cost for Only Upper Teeth?

In short: had braces from 4th-6th grade; teeth were fine up until 10th grade when they began to shift (mostly my two front teeth); I've gone to two... READ MORE

Invisalign Express for One Crooked Tooth?

One of my bottom front four teeth is slightly pointed back. My top teeth are in good alignment, but it's just this one bottom front tooth. I had... READ MORE

Has Anyone Actually Switched Invisalign Trays Early?

So I see a ton of questions about changing invisalign trays early, and all the answers seem to say DONT DO IT!! But my question is has anyone actually... READ MORE

I Really Don't Want Braces. How Can I Close a Gap Between my Two Front Teeth Without Braces? (photo)

I have a small gap between my two front teeth. i really dont want braces but i want the gap gone. how can i do this without braces? READ MORE

Should the Invisalign Tray Edges Be Sharp?

I started my Invisalign treatment yesterday.Well yesterday, there were no gaps or edges sticking out. Today, the bottom tray has a small gap between... READ MORE

How Long Will Invisalign Usually Take?

I had Braces in high school, and now, four years later, one of my two front teeth is slightly in front of the other. Can anyone give an estimate of... READ MORE

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