Baby Teeth + Invisalign

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Age 51 - Wanting Invisalign but Still Have a Baby Tooth

I am 51 and have crowding of my upper front teeth. Bottom teeth look very good. Had an ortho consult 17 years ago & was told I needed palate... READ MORE

Will Invisalign Close in Gap Caused by Baby Tooth Extraction? (photo)

I'm 18 years old and I'm considering getting invisalign. My ortho said that I have a baby tooth right next to my upper left canine, and that... READ MORE

Am I Able to Have Invisalign with a Permanent Baby Tooth?

I have all my permanent teeth except one because there doesn't exist a permanent adult tooth underneath my baby tooth. At my last visit, the dentist... READ MORE

I am interested, but am I a candidate for this procedure? (Photo)

I am 25 years old and have a baby tooth that never came out. I was hoping as time passed it would eventually fall out and I'd grow a new one but this... READ MORE

Can you have metal braces on top and Invisalign on lower teeth?

Just curious. I don't have to get lower braces for another nine months, but, for both aesthetic and curiosity's sake, would that be allowed? Metal... READ MORE

is it possible to fix a inward shifting tooth if so how much would it cost? (photo)

Hi i am 19 years old i had a baby tooth that wouldn't fall out my dentist didn't want to take it out even though ive mentioned i could feel my second... READ MORE

Can I close my gap with braces and the extraction of baby teeth?

I have two baby teeth with no adult teeth behind. The gum is receding on one. There is one baby tooth on top (biscupud?) and one on the bottom... READ MORE

I never lost lateral incisor teeth. Now one of them is loose, what's the best thing to do?

I never lost my lateral incisor teeth, now one of them is loose, what's the best thing to do? X-rays from my dentist show permanent teeth still in my... READ MORE

Can I still get invisalign? I have 2 baby teeth(canine). If i get them removed am I stil able to get invisalign with gaps there.

My permanent canines will not come down. One is laying sideways on my upper right side of my jaw (not interfering with any of my teeth) and the other... READ MORE

Can I get Invisalign with having to get my baby teeth removed? (Photo)

When I had X-rays done, my denist said I have baby teeth still but my adult teeth were never coming down because they pointing towards each other like... READ MORE

Taking out a tooth after impressions are done?

I'm getting Invisalign and I have a baby tooth and a permanent tooth. The baby tooth never came out because the permanent tooth never pushed it out,... READ MORE

Will Invisalign close a 2 cm gap? (Photo)

I have 2 baby tooth (1cm each) that is hanging very tight onto my bottom jaw. Dentist #1 suggested to extract those 2 baby teeth and put invisialign... READ MORE

Just started invisalign treatment. I still have my baby canine teeth. Will my adult canine teeth be exposed during treatment?

I am in my late 20s. The doctor said my baby canine teeth will be fine during the treatment. I am afraid my unexposed adult canine teeth will shift... READ MORE

Would Invisalign help pull adult canine into place?

I have a baby tooth still in place and the adult tooth coming down just behind it. The baby tooth is loose, so it is something I'm going to have to... READ MORE

I have adult and baby canines. What should I do? (photos)

My dentist took x-Rays, impressions, and molds and I will be meeting with him again in a month to go over options. Some plans that were mentioned were... READ MORE

Can I skip baby tooth implant with Invisalign?

I don't want to go through an implant and removal of baby tooth to straighten my teeth. Will Invisalign help me avoid this compared to braces? I'm... READ MORE

Can Invisalign fix my teeth? (Photo)

I'm a teen and I'm VERY self conscious about my teeth, I still have baby teeth in the back, and I don't want to have too wear braces now and idk what... READ MORE

Should I get Invisalign with a baby tooth and snaggle tooth? (Photo)

My left canine tooth never fell out and the tooth directly to the right of it is a snaggle tooth. X-rays have shown that my adult canine tooth is... READ MORE

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