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What is the Difference Between Invisalign Expansion and the Use of a Palate Expander?

Can invisalign expand, albeit not as significant, in the same manner as a palate expander in a 20 year old or above? Or does a palate expander act in... READ MORE

I'm Getting the Radiance Clear Braces in a Couple Months. How Bad is It to Get Them on the Top and Bottom? (photo)

I don't want any metal braces in my mouth at all! I've included a picture of my teeth to give an idea of how my bite is as I know this is what... READ MORE

Is Invisalign Any Better Than Normal Braces?

Is invisalign more expensive then normal wire braces and can they be made for teenagers? READ MORE

Is There Another Form of Retainer / Invisalign Other Than Plastic?

I had invisalign for 15 months. Once thought I had thrush but it was negative. My tongue is swollen with white film. I have gargled with baking... READ MORE

Should I Choose Invisalign over Braces?

Hello. I am 28 years old and need to re-fix my teeth (had braces when I was a teen) and not sure which route to take. I was very surprised at the... READ MORE

Is There an Alternative to Correcting an "Open Bite" with Braces? (photo)

I have an "open bite" of my front teeth which causes uncomfortable pressure and strain on my lips. I tried invisalign hoping this would... READ MORE

What to Do if Invisalign Didn't Work?

Done with Invisalign treatment and teeth still have space and my top front teeth still bite down on my bottom and now my tooth has chipped and I told... READ MORE

What Are Ortho Wire's Made Of? Tried One on Top and Got Galvanic Shock, Alergic to Nickel

3 year post invisalign patient, need 2 new crowns, so will have to get new invisalign trays. After treatment tried a gold wire for top could not use... READ MORE

Transfer Invisalign - If I choose an alternative Chinese method, will I be able to continue treatment overseas?

Hi, I am living in China where there is a chinese version called "Angel Line" which is half cheaper than invisalign. It can only done in China. The... READ MORE

Invisalign Impressions :The orthodontist I want to use does not have iTero Scanner. What options do I have?

The Orthdontist came highly recommended so I have great faith in him. However, this might sound trivial but I've got some kind of "sensory" issue so... READ MORE

Would Invisalign work for these rotated canines? If not, what other alternatives are there to braces, if any? (Photo)

I'm a college student and will be paying this out of pocket (half off due to my dental plan which starts in January) so please be considerate. Help me... READ MORE

If I have symptoms of TMJ, and metal sensitivity, with traditional braces, is Invisalign likely to be a successful alternative?

Traditional braces, with bite turbos, caused symptoms of imbalance, temporal pressure/discomfort, ear noise, facial imbalance, sunken temples, and... READ MORE

I have a class iii underbite. Can this be fixed without surgery? (photos)

What are the non-surgical alternative procedures I can choose from? READ MORE

Will Invisalign be sufficient to correct my crossbite/openbite as my ortho said he could? (photos)

I have a posterior openbite and an imblance/asysmetrical bite. I have been having on and symptoms off tmj and apparently it is my bite that is causing... READ MORE

I have a small gap in between my bottom two front teeth. I am looking for an alternative to braces to get them fixed. (photos)

I had braces for almost three years and got them off about a year ago. I never wore my plastic retainers and I only got a permanent retainer on my top... READ MORE

Looking get rid of canine teeth! I don't want braces I'm turning 20 :( (photos)

I never wanted to liked the look of braces I'm looking for an affordable option that doesn't involve me getting braces at the age of 20 all my other... READ MORE

How do I make my teeth the same length? (Photo)

I have always been unhappy with my teeth and have finally decided to do something about it. I have decided to get Invisalign to fix the overlapping... READ MORE

Can I have Invisalign with a missing front tooth?

Hi all, I will be getting an implant soon as I currently have a partial denture for my missing front tooth. Would it be possible to have invisalign... READ MORE

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