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When Do You Get the First Invisalign Aligner After Impressions Are Taken?

Approximately how long does it take from the time impressions are taken until you receive your first aligner? READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Aligners?

I went to my dentist several weeks ago and got my imprints and pics of my teeth for my Invisalign. I was wondering how long it will take for my... READ MORE

How do I get the yellow stains out of my Invisalign aligners? (Photo)

How can I clean my Invisalign aligners? I ate a spoonfull of curry forgetting that I had my aligners in it has stained them quiet abit, I didn't... READ MORE

Why Did my Invisalign Crack?

I'm using Invisalign teen, and one of my aligners is starting to crack near the gum line, between two teeth. It also has colored spots/wear indicators... READ MORE

Aligners Removed for 12+ Hours - Can I Resume Normal Usage?

I have been sick with a virus and had to keep my aligners out for 12-16 hours. I am wondering if I can resume wearing the aligners the same as before... READ MORE

Switching Invisalign Trays Every 10-11 Days Instead of 14?

It seems like I have very little soreness after putting in my new Invisalign aligners. I feel the pressure the first couple days, but after that, the... READ MORE

How Long Should my Invisalign Aligners Be out Per Day?

I am doing a medium length Invisalign treatment, I think. I have 8 aligners on top and 14 on the bottom. My dentist told me to keep them out like 10... READ MORE

INVISALIGN - I am on my 21st aligner and I have 22 in total. How long will refinements take?

I started the invisalign program nearly a year ago and I'm just about on my last aligner. All my teeth are now completely straight except for my front... READ MORE

Invisalign Work if Frequently Forget to Wear Aligners?

Over the past year with invisalign I've become lazy, wearing it at the least at night at the most half of the day. Will my teeth ever set, and can I... READ MORE

Why is my Aligner Loose in my Mouth?

I've been wearing my new tray for four days now, and one of the aligners has just become loose on one side of my mouth. Is this normal, or am I... READ MORE

Why is there a gap between my tooth and my aligner? (Photo)

I am currently on my 17th tray (out of 23). I have been wearing my aligner religiously, and have only noticed recently that my front tooth is now not... READ MORE

Invisalign Aligners for Both Top and Bottom Teeth?

Is it common to just get invisalign on the top teeth or do you have to get them on both top and bottom? READ MORE

Should I Chomp Down with Invisalign?

I just got my 2nd tray set. These are significantly tighter than my first set and have begun to alter my bite. I am having difficulty chewing food, as... READ MORE

Are "Buttons" Necessary for Invsalign Treatment?

I just began invisalign treatment. With the first set of aligners, all of the "buttons" popped off the first day, yet my teeth still moved... READ MORE

Would changing Invisalign weekly effect the overall goal?

My orthodontist, who I have already scheduled my Invisalign with, said that he did things a little differently than others in that he does smaller... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take the Invisalign Aligners to Arrive?

I am on week number 7 and there's no sign of them and haven't heard anything from my dentist. Curious why that is, the day the layout of how my teeth... READ MORE

Is There a Structure to Taking out Invisalign Aligners?

Does anyone have any tips for taking off the aligners for invisalign? I spend about 20 minutes each time I need to take them off. The aligners do... READ MORE

Aligner Irritation Inside of Mouth

I started using the aligners 48 hours ago.  The inside of my mouth seems quite irritated, especially the inside of my cheeks.  Will this... READ MORE

Invisalign is staining my teeth yellow?

I am 6 months into Invisalign. I'm very careful about cleaning my teeth and aligners. However the teeth with the attachments glued on are definite... READ MORE

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